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Shooting Star

Maledom/femsub, bondage, hardcore humiliation, punishment, slavery, spanking




Ten minutes to close, a car comes through the drive-through. It's a generic restaurant, small enough for me to be alone for, usually, the last hour of the day. It's the girl I call "Mega-Mams" when the window's not open. She always gets the same thing, sometimes she has a friend with her. Her name should have an obvious cause, her tits are huge. Not unbelievably huge, but I certainly never suspected they were entirely natural. They had to be bigger than a D cup. Usually their size was difficult to adjudicate, but today she was wearing a small shirt. It was late and she wasn't trying to impress me. Yet. Her shirt didn't reveal anything directly, but it made it obvious where her tits were in relation to the rest of her torso, and they were massive. She was brunette, with straight, shoulder length hair and bangs. Her eyes were clear and brown, she was tan, and she was tone. She wasn't quite twenty years old. She had sharp features, but I'd be lying if I only looked at them when I suspected she was looking at me. I never wanted to get caught looking at her huge tits, after all.


    Today was different. Before I continue with this scene, I'll have to tell you why; I was with my family on the fourth of July. We went to watch fireworks, everyone drove together, from my mom's house. I live on my own, but I join my family in events sometimes anyhow. Well, as usual, my family got into a fight before we even got to the bay. Just after the fireworks ended, I saw a shooting star. Of course I wished on it. My wish was, "I wish, upon a star, that I could control people. I wish I could tell or even will someone to do something, and not only would they do it, they'd want to do it." Of course, my plan was to get my family to stop arguing whenever an argument erupted if the wish worked, with possibly better uses later, hence making it such a generalized wish. Of course, I didn't expect it to work. It never had before, and I didn't even remember the rhyme I used as a child when I wished on stars. When my grandpa started in on my aunt, though, I willed him to stop arguing and he simply dropped it. All the fighting on the way home was minimal, occurring only because I hadn't stopped it yet.


    It took me a while, but I remembered and wrote down the wording of my wish. I'm usually a fairly scientific minded person, and I didn't really think the wish had worked. Though, the coincidences were incredible, if that wasn't what had happened with my family. The next day I took a walk, and simply willed people to do things. A lady dug up a plant she just finished planting, a boy stopped riding his bike and then threw it into a dumpster. A man broke his own car window. Someone who just parked started their car back up and then ran it into the side of their garage. After a few hours, my evidence was about as conclusive as I could get it. I had the power to control people.


    Weeks went by and I didn't use the power. Frankly, I couldn't think of a good use for it. At least, not a use I'd be morally comfortable with. Then, one day, my morals just shut up. I had my boss give me an unreasonably high raise. I got free food. I slapped a customer's ass. I made a biker kiss his biker friend, and then willed them to take the fight outside. I got the cops that showed up to give me a couple free pairs of hand-cuffs and some mace. I was unscrupulous. That day was the same day Mega-Mams came through the drive-through.


    She didn't want food tonight. I didn't want her to want food. What she came to tell me was that her tits are real.


    "I don't believe you.", I admonished with a light-hearted smile.


    She, smiling brighter, replied, "No, it's true! Here!" She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled up. Her shirt went over her bra, held in place by her tits. Next she pulled up on the bottom of her bra, pulling it up over her shirt. Her huge tits were in plain sight. The nipples were proportionally small and cute. Her tits had no flaws I could see, except they sagged just a tad. Not as much as you'd expect being as big as they were, though. She didn't stop there, she held the bra and shirt in place with her right hand, and grabbed my arm with her left. She pulled my arm out and put my hand on her left boob, then squeezed my hand onto it. My hand was dwarfed by it! She let go of my hand, and used both hands to hold her shirt and bra up. I felt around both of her bags for a minute or two, and she just smiled at me, as though proud for proving to me that they were real, which, in fact, was proven to me.


    "So they are. Also, your nipples are getting hard", I returned, smirking at her knowingly and drawing my hand back in.


    "I'm sorry, it's just that you've always turned me on so much. Could I..."


    I cut her off, "Go home, and come back after you've prepared for me. You'll know what to do."


    Shirt up, tits exposed, she sped off. I had several minutes to wait so I took care of what I had to. Closing time came, I cleaned what needed cleaned and put the food away. I counted the money and dropped it into the safe, and I was done. All in less than half an hour. I didn't have a lot left to do in the first place, but half an hour is still good time. I killed some time by having a quick snack of potato chips and I read some of a very boring book a customer had forgotten.


    At about 11:40, forty minutes past close, a car pulled up to the front. The store had an all window front, with some of the window winding around the left (as you enter) corner. The store was in a plaza, across the street from another plaza, on a fairly busy street. I could still see some cars pass by, and of course some were parked in either plaza's lot. Mega-Mams got out of the car. The instructions I had willed into her head had been received. She was completely naked except for her shoes and she held her keys in her right hand. Her crotch was completely devoid of hair. The big tip-off that she got the instructions though, bigger than the first thing, was that she had a clothes-pin on each nipple. Her tits bounced and pained her nipples (she visibly twisted her face a bit) as she half skipped, half ran to the door, looking around to see if anyone was looking at her. She found the door locked, of course.


    I was behind the counter. I put the book back on the shelf it was on and looked at her. She was looking at me with impatience, rattling the door handle. Then she got patient. She continued looking around, and she tried to hide behind her arms as a car drove by, honking. Every move she made, her tits bounced. She looked back to me after the car passed. I walked to the door slowly. More cars passed, three of them honked. Her face was obviously red by the time I unlocked the door and let her in. I walked her over to a booth and had her sit down facing the road. If someone looked hard enough from the road, they might catch her tits. If someone pulled up to or walked by the side where the windows wound around the building, though, her nudity would be obvious. I sat on the other side of the booth. Her face was still very vaguely twisted, and she glanced at the clothespins, then to me.

    "Is something bothering you?" I asked.


    "They hurt." She replied, wringing her hands atop her legs underneath the table. The effect of that was to make her tits wobble a bit, so she stopped after a few seconds.


    I raised my hands uncertainly and asked, "Then why did you put them on?"


    She sat upright a bit (she had previously been leaning down a bit, possibly to hide from the windows) and looked at me obviously confused, "Because I... thought you would like it. And... and I wanted you to know I was serious."


    "About what?"


    "About... I don't know. About how much I want you, I think. Do you understand?", She answered with a noticeable frown.


    "Of course I do. And I do like them there." I motioned vaguely again, but the other direction.


    "Then... should I take them off, now that you've seen it?"


    I looked at her incredulously, "Are you crazy? I said I do like them, why would you take them off?"


    She looked down, ashamed I think, "Well, I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but I don't. It just keeps hurting. Then I'll move and my tits will bounce and it will hurt even more. So can I please take them off?"


    Instead of answering her, I slowly slid my left arm across the table. When it was extended all the way, I held onto the clothespin on her right nipple. I pulled on it a bit, and her torso followed the movement. I willed her to sit upright again and to not follow the motions. She bolted back into her previous position, except now the pin was pulling her tit out about three additional inches. She gasped and shut her eyes, turning her head to the side. After a moment, she slowly looked back to the clip. By then, my other hand was almost at her other tit, so she watched as I grabbed the pin on her left nipple. I pulled it out equal to the other one, but she watched this time, still letting out a gasp. I twisted them in synchrony, both inwards to 180 degrees. She hadn't moved to stop me yet, nor would she. As I held them like that, she looked up to me. Her brow was down and her eyes pleading, a huge frown below. I twisted them the other way, outward, the same amount, plus about 30 extra degrees. She stopped holding her breath as I did that and she began breathing shallow and quickly. Her face screwed up a tad more. Her arms moved so that her hands could grasp the edge of the seat she was on. I twisted the pins the opposite way again, inward, and added yet another 30 degrees. She shut her eyes and faced upward, making vague sighs between each breath. One more turn the opposite way, outward, totaling a 270 degree turn. I didn't think I could turn them any more without them coming off, so I let go and she relaxed.



    "I do like them.", I told her, as though finally coming to a well thought out conclusion.


    Her eyes were red and watery and she was trembling slightly. She looked at me and said, "Good."


    "Come." I told her, and I got up and walked to the door. She followed me, obviously anxious yet totally willing to do what I say. I stood to the side of the door and watched her. She didn't know why she got the idea, but she followed through with it anyhow; She faced the door and crouched down, her knees pointing forwards, her weight on the front of her feet. She spread her legs so that her knees were pointing to each side, until it became difficult to maintain her balance when her legs were at a 100-110 degree angle. She placed her hands behind her, each hand grabbing the opposite arm's elbow. Her huge tits were thrust out in front of her, unguarded. Her bare slit was fully exposed. The only thing stopping the traffic from seeing her was bad angles and her car in front of the door.


    I walked to the back room to get some things. I even made a trip to the fridge. I got a cucumber, some more clothespins, duct tape, a couple large rubber bands, a bottle of olive oil, and both pairs of hand-cuffs I incidentally got from the cop earlier. I wasn't sure if I was going to use them all, but I was sure going to find out. I placed them all on the metal table in the back. I moved over and looked over the counter at the doorway. There was a middle aged man with a leaf blower standing out front. He was obviously trying to convey a message to Mega-Mams. The message contained what he would do with her if he could open the door, and mention of the pins on her tits. He whipped out his dick and rubbed it a bit for her. He seemingly thought it was really impressive. I had enough, though, so Mega-Mams stood up and ran to the door to the back room. Her arms were still behind her, though, so I had to open the door for her. One tear was dripping down her right cheek and her face was a very bright red.


    I shut the door behind her and kept her out of view of the windows. I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me. She gasped when the clothespins pressed against me and were forced to the sides. I grabbed her ass with both hands and began kissing her. Her ass was small and tone. I still found it hard to believe the huge tits pressing into me were real. She was so skinny and fit, yet her bags were enormous. I kissed her passionately, and did not stop for some time. I kneaded her ass cheeks and pulled them apart as we made out. I spanked her once, testing. She jumped a bit, but her face didn't register pain except from the clothespins being forced into funny positions against us from the jump. I spanked her other cheek, and her reaction wasn't noticeable. I spanked the first cheek again, harder. Slighter jump than the first time. I spanked the second cheek harder than that. the slap was resounding in the back room, and she stopped kissing to jump. The jump caused her nipples some more pain, but she leaned back in to keep kissing. I spanked the first cheek as hard as I thought I could, though it didn't seem very hard when I had done it. She jumped again, the pins hurt her nipples a bit, and she started kissing again. I began a slow rhythm of spanking each cheek hard. After the first few, she got used to the rhythm and could stay against me, kissing, even though she was getting spanked and pressed her pinned tits against me in uncomfortable ways. After about five to each cheek, she began sighing into the kisses for a few seconds after each hit. After I counted to 24 smacks per cheek, I spun her around. Her cheeks were red, and a bit yellowish green in small splotches.


    I took the duct tape and tore off sections about ten to twelve inches long, sticking their tips on the edge of the table. I pulled her arms away from her back and wrapped one of those pieces around her arms, patting it into place. I did the same with the next piece, but a bit to the side of the first piece. Her shoulders could only be pulled back so far, so it took a while to get all thirty pieces around her forearms. When I was done, I turned her back around and took a step back from her, looking at her.


    "Try to move your arms." I told her. She wiggled her arms a bit. Her tits wiggled in exaggerations of her arm's movements, so I watched that for a few moments. The area around her nipples were becoming an abnormally bright reddish, beyond her areolas a few inches. It must have been from the pins.


    I noticed a worried expression on her face, and she shouted at me, "I can't get my arms free! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm really trying! I want to, but I can't!"


    She violently tried to wrest her arms free, and it sent her tits flopping every which direction. She got in every angle she could without falling down, her tits sometimes making loud slapping noises from running into each other. If I didn't know any better I would have thought she was scared for her life. The clothespins flew off. When she began crying, not merely tearing, I told her, "Don't worry about it. I want your arms like that."


    She breathed heavy sighs of relief and shook her head, "Thank you! Oh thank you!"


    She came close to nuzzle me, but I grabbed her waist and slung her over my shoulder. As I walked around the corner, where I could see past the counter, I could tell the man had left. At least, he wasn't in sight just then. I carried Mega-Mams to the freezer and opened the door. She looked anxious as I set her down in it. It was a walk in freezer, so she easily stood in there, but it was also obviously a freezer. I pointed to the ground, to the side of where she was standing, and she placed her right foot there. Four feet to the side, I pointed, and her other foot stepped there, her weight repositioning to be equally distributed between the two feet. She took a couple heavy breaths. She shook, though I was pretty sure it was from the anxiety more than the cold. I set the cucumber on a shelf next to her.


     "Are you going to leave me here? How long?", she asked, frightened.


    I pointed to the dial that unlocks the door from the inside, "If you start to feel like you can't take the cold, turn this dial until it stops. Then, press against the door and it will open. Get out, shut the door behind you, and warm up. After six minutes pass, get back in, turn the dial back into position, and get back how you're standing now. There's a clock you can see from the bar. Stand behind the bar, in view of the window, watching the clock until it's time to go back. When I get back, you will tell me how many times you opened the freezer. You will be punished more severely for every time you get out. And you do not want to get punished severely!"


    I shut and locked the door before listening for her response. On a whim, I hit the light switch, so that it'd be very nearly pitch black in their. Of course I knew it'd be difficult for her to reach that dial to manipulate it, but I knew it was easy enough that she could. Even if it took her a few tries. I left through the front door. The man with the blower was all the way down at the other end of the plaza. I walked across the road to the sex store in the other plaza. It was still open. It's open late on the weekends. The blond girl working there was hot and dressed in small but passable day-ware, but her tits weren't nearly as huge as Mega-Mam's. I walked up to the counter and made small talk with her for a few minutes. After a conversation about the weather the past few days, she left me at the counter. I watched the stupid advertisements on the TV, obviously a recording made for the store, for what seemed like ten minutes. She eventually came back with a shoe box. She opened it up and explained what everything it contained was used for, and sometimes she commented on my viciousness.


    We got into a conversation about pornography. I told her how I always watched really rough stuff on my computer, and I found some nice BDSM sites, but how none of it was quite enough. She said that there weren't many people who came in there like me, but there are the few who like the same things that I do. That led us to talking about what kind of sex toys she could order for me and, of course because I could make it happen, she offered to show me how to use them some time. I asked if she worked the following night, and she told me she didn't. Why not? I decided to tell her to go to the restaurant I work at, 20 minutes past eleven the very next night. She must not be wearing anything at all, except a pair of sturdy nipple clamps and high-heeled boots that run up to her thighs. She said she'd be there and it sounded like fun. I took the box and headed back across the street.


    The man with the blower was standing in front of my store's window when I approached. He turned to me, pointed inside with his thumb, and said, "Hey, fella, you the guy who works here?"


    "Yeah." I answered, leaning against the door.


    "There's this big titted girl in there, walking out showin' 'erself to me. What she doin' in there?"


    "Oh, that's my girlfriend. She's... kinky."


    "That's nice and all, but there's somethin' wrong wit' 'er. She all pale and everythin'."


    "Good of you to notice, I'll take care of her."


    "A'ight, I'll be here a few more minutes if you need anything.", the man said. I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that, so I made sure he walked away before I went inside and I made double sure to lock the door behind me. It was almost an hour since I left. I went into the back and opened the box, putting some things on the shelfs above the table, some in my pockets. Then I put the box away on a higher shelf.


    I walked back to the freezer and heard some thumping. I unlocked and opened the door. Mega-Mams stood there shaking pretty badly. Her skin was a bit pale, and the pink parts of her had become a duller, slightly purplish color. I knew I should feel bad for making her do this, but I actually felt good, powerful. I took her shoulder and slowly led her out of the freezer, shutting it behind her. she felt really cold. I rubbed and warmed her a bit, then stood her up away from me. "Well?", I asked.


    "I... I-I... got-t out t-t-t-twice. I-I-I was f-f-fine for a w-while, but ab-bout f-f-f-forty minutes ag-go I g-g-g-got real-l-ly c-cold.", she answered. She looked like she wanted to cry but had no tears. Her arms were still taped behind her and she was forced to thrust her tits out a little. I walked around her, to the front of the store. I pulled several thick, all-steal nipple clamps out of my pocket and put them in a bowl, then ran just the hot water into it and left it running. I turned the cold knob a little. The water heaters here got water hot enough to burn. I know, because I've burnt myself on accident not knowing the hot lever was down when I went to wash my hands.


    I went back to her and took her by her shoulder, still cold, and walked her to the area where the metal table was. I turned her to face the wall, so her shoulder was to me, and I spanked her. Her ass was even colder than her shoulder. She jumped, but I hurt my hand, too. She turned her head towards me and said, "Ow! T-that h-h-hurt a l-lot!"


    I spanked her other cheek hard and replied, "Remember the punishment I warned you about?"


    "I-I-It was-s r-reall-ly c-c-cold-d!", she said indignantly.


    "That doesn't negate the punishment I told you about, which you're going to receive", I said, as I slapped her left tit. It bounced and wobbled. She clenched her teeth and breathed inward as she drew inward, towards her tit. I slapped her other tit when her feet moved. Her reaction was the same, but she put more effort into withdrawing. I was angry, "You stay right were you are, face me, and don't fucking move!"


    She was obviously scared, but she complied. She turned her body to face me and she stood still. Her eyes were all scrunched up, but begging me to stop slapping her. I walked around the counter to the sink and turned off the faucet. I quickly reached into the bowl and got out two of the clamps. The water was hot, but did not burn me. I could stand to hold the clamps for only about five seconds. I placed them on a cloth and picked up the cloth so that I was holding the grips, which were also metal, and the actual clamping parts pointed out. I walked back to her and, with a very serious look, commanded, "Stay were you are and accept your punishment for getting out so often."


    I got close to her and made sure the clamps were in line with her nipples. She was still shivering a bunch and I could feel cold radiate from her a bit. She stopped shifting about, though. Her tits wobbled from the shivering, so the clamps were hard to line up both at the same time. Her huge tits were paler than normal. They looked almost white. The girl was normally tan, and she had no tan lines. I could feel heat radiate from the clamps. Her nipples were still pretty purple looking, not too far in hue from the rest of her tits, though, being so pale right then. I made sure her nipples were in line one last time, and quickly latched the clamps onto her nipples.


    At first she turned her head to the side and shut her eyes, gasping. Then, a nanosecond later, her head snapped forward and up and she let out a short yelp. She immediately looked down to her clamped nipples and began shrieking and she wiggled in vain effort to get free of the pain. A moment passed and she realized she was trying to escape the pain, not accepting her punishment, and she stopped. She began sobbing and she looked at me, "It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, please take them off, please, it hurts."


    I grabbed her crotch hard and pulled forward a bit, to get her attention. I looked her in the eyes, "I'll do whatever I want to you, and you'll love me for it!"


    She began nodding her head as she cried, "Yes, I know. Thank you."


    For the next several minutes she moved around a bit in the pain, but calmed down. I grabbed her up by her waist. I could feel the clamps were no longer uncomfortably hot on my back, though the girl was still pretty cold. Some of her color returned. I set her butt on the table and spread her legs as far as I could get them. I put her feet up on the table and leaned her back against the wall. I spread the oil all over her crotch, fingering it into her vagina roughly. Her cunt was cold and it felt funny, but not bad.


    Mega-Mams got a partial smile and asked, "Are we finally gonna have sex?"


    I walked back to the freezer and grabbed out the cucumber. As I brought it back to the table, she frowned a bit. I played with her crotch, making sure it was well lubricated. I brought the cucumber to her pussy and rubbed it lightly around her vulva for a second. Her brows came down and she shivered a bit more. I shoved it half way in suddenly. She moaned in discomfort and rocked with my thrusts, as I shoved it deeper, then pulled a bit back, then deeper again.


    "How is that?", I asked her.


    She looked at me pitifully, a few tears rolling down her cheeks, and shook her head, "Ow...Very cold. It hurts"


    "Maybe you shouldn't have gotten out of the freezer so much. Oh well, I promise it will get warmer. keep your legs apart, bitch.", I retorted. I shoved the cucumber in and put some duct tape across her snatch horizontally, lip to lip and down her legs. Then I Wrapped some duct tape around the top of each of her thighs, over the tape over her snatch.


    Wow, I had no idea how sadistic I really was. I walked back over to the bowl and turned on the hot water, as the water in the bowl was colder now. I considered just how unethical what I was doing was. Given the ability, I could be truly evil. I shoved the idea from my head counted to thirty. I stopped the water and grabbed a clamp, quickly putting it on a rag. I walked back around the corner to her, and she was shaking harder still. I didn't waste as much time, now. I used one hand to pull her labia apart, and stuck the clamp right on her frigid clit, vertically.


    She jumped forward and screamed. I grabbed her and shoved her back against the wall, then put her legs back in place. She was shifting her crotch around and it was obvious it took a lot of her focus to keep her legs open, as they were never quite opened or closed all the way. She shuddered and sobbed for a good deal of minutes. Eventually, she got control back and kept her legs open as she slowly stopped crying.


    "What next?", she asked me when she had the breath. I wasn't sure if she was being cowardly or brave, but I grabbed her waist and stood her on the floor in front of me. Her legs were open pretty wide, obviously she was avoiding upsetting what I had going on at her crotch. I looked at her and grabbed the nipple clamps. I pulled them away from her a bit, and she didn't come with them. Very suddenly, I turned them inward 180 degrees and she gasped. I let go, repositioned my hands, and turned them outward 210 degrees, and she gasped again.


    "I love your huge, floppy tits.", I told her, as I twisted the clamps inward, 240 degrees from their starting position. She simply gasped and looked at me a bit more pitifully.


    "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?", I asked her, turning the clamps outward, to 270 degrees their starting position. Three quarters of a full turn. She opened her mouth as though to answer, but only a gasp came from behind her teeth. She shook her head.


    "Perfect, I've been imagining doing exactly that to you for a few days!", I finished turning the clamps inward one full turn as I said that. She let out a squeal and shut her eyes for a moment at it.


    "This radio isn't coming in anyhow.", I joked, turning the clamps outward one full turn. Her squeal lasted to the count of ten, then she looked at me pleadingly. The clamps were strong, I was twisting her nipples so that her tits looked rifled. I let go and twisted them the same amount inwards. She squealed for a bit, and then I let go and grabbed her waist. I turned her around, facing away from me. I spread her feet out to the corners of the table. I attached each ankle to the nearest table leg with the hand-cuffs. I then duct taped her mouth a couple times, to be sure. I pulled the nipple clamps a couple times, pulled the clamp on her clit a few times, and pressed against the cucumber in her cunt. She screamed into the tape every time I pulled a clamp. She tried to fall downward as I pulled the clit clamp, but I shoved her torso down, onto the table. She squealed as the clamps pressed against the table and up into her tits.


    "You are completely helpless, whore.", I whispered into her ear as I got behind her. I grabbed the bottle of oil and let my pants fall to the floor. I oiled up my dick pretty well with my right hand, while pressing her torso down onto the table with my other hand. she sobbed onto the table. I stepped immediately behind her. I reached around her leg and grabbed the clamp on her clit. I moved my crotch around until I felt the recess that was her asshole at the head of my dick. I shoved lightly, until my head got in. She moaned a bit as I did that. Her ass was very tight, and very cold. It was a very weird sensation, but it felt very good. I slid most of my dick in, but not all of it fit. She screeched as I got my dick that far and I still pushed. I pressed the clit clamp back towards me as she yelped, and her entire pelvis moved back, her ass being penetrated further with the motion.


    The arm holding her down pulled up on her arms, and she was standing, leaning forward. I reached around her with both arms and grabbed onto her nipple clamps. I shoved my dick in all the way, suddenly, and twisted her nipple clamps as I did. I didn't really pay attention to how far or how hard, I was enjoying the sensation on my dick too much. I began humping rhythmically, twisting the nipple clamps and pulling them away from one another, or towards one another, or both up, or both down. She howled each time I did that. Soon I was humping away, pulling and twisting her nipple clamps and listening to her crying and sqeals. Her ass was so very tight, and the coldness just felt great for some weird reason.


    I didn't last very long. I was twisting her nipples and pulling them up when I realized I was going to cum. As I came, I shoved my dick against her with all my power, and I pulled the clamps all the way down to the table, so she was bent over and taking my dick as far into her ass as she could. Indeed, the base of my dick was being hugged tightly by her sphincter. She wailed the whole time, and I spasmed into her bowels, filling it with jism. I fell to the floor behind her and could not stand for a few minutes, watching her tremble and sob...


    When I could get up, I un-cuffed her ankles and cut the tape on her crotch with the box-knife carefully, to avid cutting her flesh. The cucumber squished out. It was mushy and made a mess. She turned to me, waiting for me to do something. I cut the tape along where her forearms met, and she pulled them apart and began reaching for her clit clamp.


    I stopped stopped her arms and told her, "Even though you love when I use you like this, every other time you want me to, it will cost you five hundred dollars. The clamps and gag stay on until noon. Go home."


    I noticed she had one of those large metal clips on her keychain that opens to take some of the rings off or to put more on. I picked up her keys before she got them and removed the keys that were obviously for a car. I put the clip on the clamp on her clit. The keyring weighed easily half a pound. "Those stay there. When you turn off your car, put your car keys on it, too. No touching your tits, pussy, or anything I put on them at all, until noon. Except to put your car keys on, of course.", I told her. She walked with a very wide gate, and very slowly, to the door. She cried the whole way, her shivering was much less, but still noticeable. She rubbed her rear on the way, at least that was one part of her I allowed her to comfort. I opened the front door for her and watched her get into her car. She had trouble getting in, but she eventually found a way to get her keys all the way in without pulling too painfull on them as she sat down. She drove away slowly. It took me twenty minutes to clean up and gather all my stuff. I went home and slept more peacefully than I could remember ever having slept.



It was twenty minutes past close and I was in the back of the store, running the hot water to make sure it was as hot as it could be before actually running a sink full. I heard rattling from the front of the store, as though someone were trying to open the locked door. I had upwards of two loads of dishes left to do, though I didn't plan on doing them myself tonight. I squirted some soap into the first sink and the sanitizing solution in the second, then I moved the faucet over the third to let it fill, turning the water on maximum power. The rattling was still going on throughout, so I walked to the front of the store.


    Behind the glass door there was a blond girl. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She was just barely above five feet tall, if that. She was wearing little enough for it to be considered nothing. Indeed, it was a pair of what looked like black, leather boots, the tops of which reached the top half of her thighs, and a pair of nipple clamps attached to each other by a small chain. I took the sight in as a car passed on the road behind her. It didn't honk or anything, but she turned and shied away from it while trying to cover herself. She stayed at the door, though. Her tits were a very perky B cup or just a bit less. She was in excellent condition, obviously exercising regularly. She had almost no hips or ass, and was generally very petite. It was also obvious her pussy was shaved, since her bright, pink lips could be seen as she grasped the door handle once again. It's not easy to make out words through the door, but she was at least voicing something to the effect of, 'Let me in, please, I'm in public and people will see!'.


    She did not rattle the door handle as I approached, but stepped from side to side nervously, anxiously watching the road and the doors along the building. She watched me when I was within a few steps of the door and leaned against it. I got to the door and flipped the lock all the way into it's locked position, making a click as it hit the end of the groove it went into. She rattled the door, then realized it was still locked and shouted so that I could hear it, "Please let me come in, some people are down at the Chinese place and walking this way!"


    I unlocked the door and she tried to slink in, but I stopped her by putting myself in her way and holding the door ajar. Why not embarrass her? I had the feeling I was going to be especially mean to this girl. Mega-Mams, last night, I cared about a bit. She was a regular I got to know a bit about, plus I absolutely loved her tits. However, when it came down to it, I had to put effort into not harming her in any permanent way. This girl, I didn't think I'd worry about that with. Her tits weren't so wonderful. Beautiful, but not nearly so massive. I quietly commanded her, "You must act like a dog. I will let you in only after I am satisfied you were a good enough doggy."


    I shut the door and relocked it as she looked at me pleadingly. I simply stood behind the door with my arms crossed, and she got down onto her knees and hands, facing me. She looked up at me and waged her butt slightly. She barked, but it was just barely more than a whisper, no louder than the command I gave her to act like a dog. It sounded like a person saying "bark!". She stopped waging her tail and waited for my response. I put my hand up to my mouth and feigned a yawn. She frowned. Quickly, unconvincingly, she walked in a circle on all fours, barking five times. Her barks were better this time. Still obviously from a person who was acting like a dog and not a real dog, but much better. When she stopped, she glanced to her right and mouthed, 'Please, please, please!'


    "Dogs don't speak in English.", I commented through the door, furrowing a brow as though confused. As soon as I was done talking, I heard a whistle and a catcall from the left, her right, the direction the Chinese place was from here (that direction being the only other direction to go along the building from my store anyway, it being on the leftmost side, when facing the building).


    She began walking in a circle again, this time more quickly but wagging her tail convincingly. Her tongue was out as she panted, which turned into "WOOF!" three times as she faced the door, sat like a dog waiting to be let in, and panting again. Several men I couldn't see by leaning against the glass were shouting obscene words at her from the direction she kept glancing throughout the routine and as she waited.


    "Good doggy!", I said, "Roll over!"


    She wrinkled her forehead and sighed in impatient exasperation, but complied. She rolled to her left and stopped on her back, lifting her arms and legs like a dog would it's paws. She continued panting and let out a loud, almost panicked, bark after she had finished the maneuver. She still panted, but the look of worry in her eyes increased as the voices got closer. I opened the door and whispered, "Keep it up, or else you get put back out here, where you must stay for the night".


    I then increased my voice so that everyone around could hear me, "Good girl! Come in and have some water! Who's a good wittle girl? You're a good wittle puppy!"


    She quickly turned and got onto her hands and knees, and walked like a dog around the door as I held it open and into the store. I grabbed her and prodded her to turn around as the men approached. I gave her a warning look as I noticed she was now much more a girl on her hands and knees than a puppy. It took her a moment, but she realized what I wanted and began panting again. She was obviously unhappy, but she was putting effort into the act!


    I looked back to the door and, from the side, three Asian men approached. They were obviously the Chinese place's kitchen staff. One of the men got in the way of the door shutting as I faced him. His two friends were taunting the girl by making faces one would make at a dog, and saying more blunt, crude things. He said, in a very slight accent, "How can we get doggy to show us tricks?"


    "I'm sorry, ", I answered as I pet the girl's head, "It's dinner time, and my puppy needs her rest after a long day!"


    The man looked to his friends then back to me, "We help doggy get to sleep, yeah?!"


    I looked to the girl, rubbed my chin, and looked contemplative. She certainly wasn't sure what I intended or what I was considering, let alone how seriously I was considering it, so she was obviously worried. Her brow furrowed in fear and she panted harder. She rubbed her head on me. Almost as an after-thought, she began wagging her tail vigorously. I was pretty sure her face could not have gotten any redder. Still with a look of deep thought, I began scratching her head. Her eyes were pleading, but the rest of her was fully into the game. I leaned back a bit and smacked her ass. She stopped panting for a split second, and her tail stopped waging. Her panting picked back up, and her tail was not only waging, but her back was arched and her ass was pointed upwards, obviously offering a better target. I wasn't sure if she was into this, or was simply trying to convince me not to make her stay outside. I also didn't care. I smacked her other ass cheek, then the first, and the second again. She moved her ass back down by reflex, hesitating a moment, then thrusting it back up. I looked to her face, and her eyes were pinkish and rimmed with water. She was pleading with so much effort that I looked back to the man with my decision, "No, I'm sorry, she has to have her restful night's sleep. Go back to your restaurant and don't mention this to anyone outside of your group of three."


    The men, disappointed, walked slowly back towards their own restaurant. The girl began following me as I started walking towards the back-room door, but I commanded her to stay. She begged like any other dog, by barking, but I ignored her. I walked into the back room and got some paper and a pencil, then wrote down a small list and some instructions. When I walked back out, she was turned lengthwise to the door and the windows around it, covering the entire front of the building. She looked at me when she heard the door shut. She was still on all fours, but no longer actually acting like a dog. Her tongue was in her closed mouth, her butt was still, and her features slumped. She was still very red and worried looking. I gave her another warning glance, and her first reaction looked like shock. She wiped the look from her face as soon as she had made it, and began panting again. She resumed her dog-like posture and wagged her tail.


    I stopped next to her and looked at her ass. She may not have especially feminine curves in her thighs and hips, but her ass was small and tight and to die for. There were red marks on each cheek. The cheeks were perky and soft, and so small that they didn't actually cover anything. I had a brilliant view of her brown eye, and even her pussy if I leaned a bit. I took a step back to where I was and commanded, "Get up, you made a terrible doggy."


    She seemed worried and sad as she got up to face me. When she was done standing, her face was turned downwards as she looked at me. I noticed the nipple clamps had screws in the ends to tighten them, so I grabbed one of them and pulled a bit, reaching with my other hand to screw it tighter. Her hands reflexively grabbed mine and she said, "Please, no. I don't really like nipple clamps this big, don't make them..."


    I cut her off, "Never stop me from doing something to you or something you're wearing EVER again!"


    She let go of my hands and said, "Okay, but please don't tighten them much, they already hurt a lot."


    I began tightening the clamp on her right nipple quite fast, "I'll do whatever I want to you. I don't care about you, but you're going to love the times when I use and abuse you for my own pleasure, and you will keep returning. But after this first time I will charge you five hundred dollars to abuse and fuck you like a toy to be discarded. When does that store you work at close?"


    She panted and shut her eyes tight as I tightened the clamp all the way, as she held the mass of her tit as though that might stop the pain.. She hadn't begun noticeably recovering from that when I started tightening her other clamp. She held this tit up a bit too, so she was standing there holding a tit in each hand. She panted and let out a gasp as that one tightened all the way. She breathed heavily for a few moments before her eyes began opening and she tried to focus on me through her bleary, water-filled eyes. A tear dripped and she sighed when I she finally began answering my question, "It should have closed over an hour ago."


    "Okay,", I told her, "For starters, you're not allowed to touch or hold any part of your body unless I tell you to. Your arms must always remain either at your sides or behind you. Now, take this note and follow it's instructions to the letter."


    She took the note I handed her and she read it. She turned around and walked out of the store, getting into her car, and pulling away. I finished filling the sink and pilled up the dishes into several stacks. It looked like about two and a half loads. I made myself a small sandwich and ate it with a glass of milk. I spot-mopped and dropped all the cash. Basically, I did all the very small things I didn't quite have done when my doggy showed up. I got done with all that in about ten minutes. I let some of the water out of the sink and filled it in with more hot water, so that it wouldn't be too cold.


    When I sat down at a table next to the window, I saw my doggy on her way back. She had just started walking across the road on all fours, from the parking lot across the street. This parking lot was on a slight hill, so it had a good view of the other. She had about seventy yards to doggy-walk to get back, including the road, the ditch beside it, and the parking lot my store was in. She was still wearing the same stuff, but she had a bag in her mouth. It was a plastic bag from the sex store she worked at, and it was plenty full. She had hurriedly got out of the ditch she was in on the other side of the road and started across. It didn't take her long to make the other ditch, which she actually fell into. As she fell, I saw something wave around near her butt, like a brown and red flag which was about the size of her ass, maybe larger.


    As her head popped up over the near side of the ditch, some headlights could be seen from the left. Whoever's headlights they were, they turned into my store's parking lot down at the other end, but that was all I could tell. After she stayed for a moment, watching the other end of the parking lot, I stood up and walked to the door. I waved my arms to get her attention. When she looked at me, I opened the door with one arm, patted my leg with the other, and shouted, "Come here, girl! Bring Daddy his gift!"


    She looked back to the other end of the parking lot, then continued. She was hurrying herself even more than she was crossing the road. By the time she got onto the pavement and under the lights, I could make out her entire outfit easily. Probably anyone else could who could see her, too. She did have on the same boots, and also the nipple clamps. The bag in her mouth had plenty of items of various sizes in it, and it probably weighed ten pounds. Near her rear, there was a tail made of red and brown leather straps. The straps stuck out several inches from the thing holding them in place and then arched down, drawing attention to the unusual tail on a human. The tail was formed on the bottom of a butt-plug. She also had on a thick, sturdy collar. There was a holler from way down the plaza, right when she reached the side-walk. She glanced over, then looked to me at the door as she came to a stop. She set the bag down and woofed at the door three times. She began panting and wagged her tail. The tail was much more convincing, now, actually being a tail and flailing from side to side.


    "Roll over." I said to her through the door. She immediately, did. She glanced to the right as she did, looked panicked for a moment, and fell onto her side. She finished the movement, though, and got onto her back. Her legs and arms were up like a dog's, and she was panting still. I had a clear view of her like that. I could see the base of the butt-plug and the straps jutting from it. I could see that her pussy was still pink, but much less so than when she first came here. She glanced to the left, now for both of us, and her eyes widened. She barked a few times. The clamps really were pinching her nipples tightly. I could see the red/pink spot from the pressure/lack-of-circulation extending from her pinched flesh. Someone shouted something from down the plaza. A man. I couldn't make out what it was.


    "Oh, is my doggy-woggy in heat? Maybe she should howl and look impressive for any potential mates in the area!" I suggested to her. She scrunched up her face and looked like she was about to cry, but she rolled back over and got onto all fours. I hadn't intended for the man who shouted at her to be imagined as a potential mate, but she turned around and pointed her rear at him. She whipped her butt up and in, and the straps from the tail flung up onto her back. They were about two feet long, so they stayed of their own weight. She arched her back and lifted her ass as high as she could, spreading her legs more than enough for a clear view. She leaned her tits parallel and only inches above the ground and looked behind her, to the man. She began howling and barking, waving her ass back and forth. There was a loud shout from the man, who sounded closer than I thought he would be. He said something about the 'good time he'd show the slut'.


    I opened the door and said, "Bad girl!", slapping her face from around her. She whimpered as she lowered her head to me, though I couldn't say it was her acting abilities that made it a realistic one, and she lowered her butt, the tail dropping back down, "Get inside and stop chasing after these mutts!"


    She began crawling inside, like a dog, and I smacked her ass hard as she went by me. She turned to watch me tell the fattest of the Chinese kitchen staff to bugger off, and to stop running down here every time they see my doggy. When he left, I grabbed the bag she brought, and I locked the door. I turned to her, still whimpering with a lowered head. I kicked her moderately hard in the side. She fell over with the force of the blow and looked completely shocked. She clutched the side I kicked and was about to yell at me, but then paused as I looked at her nonchalantly. She put her legs out front like a dog's would be and lowered her head, whimpering more. I kicked her in the gut, though not as hard as the kick that sent her over. She curled up and stopped breathing, though it was obvious she was trying to. When she started breathing, she looked at me pleadingly, lowered her head in the doggy side position she was in, and whimpered. I ordered, "Follow me, girl!"


    I walked to the door to the back. She was up and following me, quietly, after only two steps. I walked back to the sink and looked at her. She lowered her head and whimpered. I smacked her ass several times, shouting, "Stop that and do these dishes!"


    She stood up, her arms tight to her sides, and looked at the sink. There was steam rising from each sink, but not very much. The girl looked to me and said, "Is there a particular method?"


    I walked behind her and waited a second. I reached from behind her and grabbed the nipple clamps. She let out a slight whimper. I began pulling on the clamps.


    "First, go to this sink,", I lead her to the leftmost sink by the clamps on her nipples, and she whined a bit. I pressed my pelvis against her ass to both hold her there against the insulated sink, and to let her know I was getting hard. I could feel the butt-plug pressing against me, so I pressed against that spot.


    "Take one of the dishes, put it in the water, and scru...", I began telling her what to do, and she did it as I told her, but she dropped a dish into the water and pulled her arms back when the heat of the water got to her. She looked back to me.


    "Do it! Scrub the dish clean and then you may remove your hands from the water.", I told her, yanking the clamps quickly. She whined with the yank, but retrieved the plate and sponge. With hands submerged and a vague whining building up in her throat, she scrubbed the plate clean. She removed her hands once it was clean.


    "Now,", I told her, pulling her to the right by the nipple clamps and still pressing her by her butt/butt-plug against the sink, "dunk it into this water, and move it around to get the suds off."


    She did as I said, though she whined as she did it, and then I pulled her to the third sink in the same manner, "Now put the plate in there, move it around like in the second sink, and then set it on the drying rack."


    Again, she did as I said with a whine. I stepped back and let go of the clamps, then turned her around by the waist. Her brow was furrowed in anxiety, her eyes were red brimmed, and she was frowning. I embraced her and started kissing her. Her arms stayed to the side, and I could see them in a glance. They were reddish. I kissed her deeply for a matter of minutes. She squirmed uncomfortably the whole time, but when I moved back a step and looked, she stopped. Must have been the clamps pressed against my chest. She still had the same look, but the pinkish was back to her pussy.


    "Do these dishes as well as you possibly can. If I find dirt on any of them, anywhere, I will make sure you suffer. I might even take a small piece of you off. Something nobody will notice, but you would always know you could still have it if only you payed more attention to your duties. When you're done with the duties, you are my doggy again. Find me in the front room, from where I'll take you for a walk. Not before checking the dishes, of course."


    "Yes. I'll get them very clean.", the girl said shyly.


    I walked up to the front room and sat down at a booth. I brought a book with me to read for specifically this occasion. I flipped to the marked page and started in. I checked the clock every few minutes. That amount of dishes, without distractions, would take me at most half an hour. By twenty five minutes, I decided to shout a fair warning into the back, "Those dishes would take me half an hour, tops! If I don't see you out here in five minutes, you're going to have to sleep outside tonight, chained to a post in front of your own adult novelty store!"


    I looked through the bag she brought. Everything I asked for was in it, including the stuff I didn't think they sold and only asked for 'just in case'. I got out the things I intended to use on the walk. In the bag was a leash. It was about six feet long, not counting the looped handle. I took it out and put it on the table I was at. The next thing I got out were long sock looking things. They were the same color as the boots she was wearing, but sized for her arms. They had pseudo-spherical ends, where hands can go, but only in a tight fist. They zipped up on the underside, to be out of view. Zipped up, the person wearing them either could not get them off, or would have a hell of a time at it. I put those on the table as well. Her car keys were in the bag. That makes sense, she had to have them with her somewhere. There were plenty of things in the bag I asked for in addition to those notable items. I wondered if she actually paid for them, since I didn't tell her to.


    By the time I was done looking through the bag, I could hear my doggy bark. I turned around in time to see her trying to get onto the counter from behind it. It was difficult, since so many things were in her way. Her best bet was between the cookie display and cash register. I looked to the clock. She had about thirty seconds. I heard something rolling. She must have gotten the step stool. Clever. Next thing I knew, she was crawling up onto the counter, where I predicted. Her hands and wrists were red and tender looking, but I could not see any damage beyond that. She was frowning and her eyes were wet and red, though. Ten seconds. She looked down and hesitated, but leaped onto the floor rather ungraciously. Her landing was followed by a 'clunk', and she fell over and clutched her left knee. She held it to her and started crying.


    "You'd better not have broken anything, I still had plans for you.", I stated flatly. I got up and walked over to her. I'm no nurse, but I couldn't see any damage besides a bump and a forming bruise. I checked a little longer, and that was still all I could find that was wrong with her knee, so I pulled her boot back into place. I grabbed the chain connecting the nipple clamps and pulled it up so that she'd have to come with them. She let go of her knee and put her hands on the ground to push her torso up to do exactly that. She let out a grunt and scrunched up her face. I followed through in a forward arch, and she landed on her knees and hands. She grimaced and clenched her teeth for a moment before relaxing somewhat. I held the chain there for a moment so she'd get the idea to stay on her hands and knees, then slapped her when I let go. She still had tears falling from her eyes, but looked to me waiting for what I was going to say.


    I walked over to where I was sitting, but on the other side, so that I could face her. The table was about ten feet from her. I pat my leg as I would to get a dog to come. She began crawling over to me, but she favored her one knee and cringed when she put weight on either hand. She seemed to have lost all of her energy in her role as the doggy, so I asked her, "I'm not convinced you're a good puppy-dog, what's wrong?"


    She was almost to me and took the last step, then looked up to me, "My hands burn, and my nipples hu..." I interrupted her with a hard and loud slap to her face.


    "Doggies can't speak English, as I remember. If you do that again, I promise you'll regret it. Now, do a better job acting like my doggy!", I commanded, giving her a hard stare. She shut her mouth and looked at me for a moment, obviously trying to get herself up to the role. She started panting, then swung her butt a small amount, swinging the tail in small circles behind her.


    "Paw.", I ordered, holding out my hand. She placed her right hand in mine, and I grabbed a ball-glove thing with my other hand. I started pulling it onto her hand, then slid it up her arm. It was very long on her, going up to the top of her biceps. She moaned and pouted when I forced her hand into a fist inside the ball end. I gave her a thoughtful look and she turned her moan into a dog-like whimper. I zipped it up, then repeated the order and placed the other one on her other arm. When I was done I watched her in her doggy position. Her ass stopped moving the tail and she cringed, switching weight from hand to hand and she frowned and whimpered. I grabbed the leash and attached it to the ring on her collar. I walked to the back of the store and quickly looked at the dishes. They seemed fine enough and I was impatient for the walk, but I checked more thoroughly because I said I would. I found a piece of cheese on one of the last dishes washed, when she must have been hurrying. I put on my jacket as I walked out from the back of the store. I walked to the table my doggy was at and put the loop on the end of the leash around my wrist and held on below it. I grabbed the bag with my other hand.


    "Ready to go for a walk, girl?", I asked, patting her head then walking towards the door. She gave me a worried look and whimpered, but followed me on all fours lest the leash choke her. I opened the door and motioned for her to go ahead, so I could shut and lock it. She looked down the way fearful of the Chinese cooks, but went outside and waited at the length of the chain. I got out and looked down the same way as she, as the door shut. There was nobody. I locked the door and walked around the corner of the building at my store, doggy in tow. She still favored one knee, but she didn't waste much time on it. She was too busy trying to keep up with me. She whimpered all the way to the back of the store.


    I stopped before getting past the store and turned to her. I raised one hand towards the sky half-way and asked, "Did you feel it? Rain. I felt a drop. Oh, and there's another!" I turned back the way I was walking when thunder sounded to the West. I examined the sky, and there was certainly a storm rolling in. I looked back to my doggy. She shivered a bit and whimpered as I looked. Her arms and legs were shiny in their black. Her tits were hanging, the clamps and chain connecting them below. Her ass was thrust up just barely, and I could see the top of the plug in her hole and the strands arching from it. I walked to her and stood next to her. I slapped her ass hard on one cheek, and she jumped a bit, whimpering with it. She looked back as I slapped the other cheek, resulting in the same reaction. The slaps were echoing off the building, and I'm sure if anyone was around they could hear it. There were already bright red marks on her ass, so I slapped a few more times. Each time she yelped and jumped. By the eighth one, she looked at me pleadingly and whined like a puppy.


    "Maybe I'd stop if you got in a better mood and would wag your damn tail.", I commented. Her frown remained and her eyes were still red rimmed and glossy, but she started to wag her tail and pant. Thunder sounded again, and the rain picked up. I could see spots developing on my shirt, and there were shiny spots on her. The wind was blowing in short gusts, bringing colder air. I continued my way to behind the store, where there was a walking trail. She followed me, wagging her tail and panting. She wasn't very good at it. Her wagging wasn't very even and her panting quited a bit as she concentrated on walking, but she'd get better. As we got to the alley behind the store, between the woods and the building the store was in, we could see some men down at the other end throwing things into a dumpster. If they saw us they didn't show it in any way, but my doggy picked up her pace until she was in front of me.


    The trail led to my apartment complex down the road and on the other side of the block, through a park that had light posts. Most of the trail, though, was very small and not illuminated at all by artificial means. As we entered the trail, we could hear the rain hitting the natural canopy of the tree leaves as the it continued to pick up and the wind tossed the branches about. Rain made it's way through the trees and onto us without problems, though. As I walked and got rained on, I watched the doggy in front of me. Her ass was pointed right at me, and she swung it with her fast crawl to make the tail swish from side to side. It was a very small ass, but it was firm and shapely. I could see her bare pussy beneath the base of the tail as it swung. I could also see some light reflecting off the chain on her nipples once in a while. Lightning cracked across the sky and I could see her in better detail for a moment. She was glossy from the rain. I was getting pretty wet, too, but it didn't have the same effect as it did on her. Her curves were sharpened by the glossy appearance, and I could see goose bumps raised on her. Her pussy wasn't pink anymore, but I didn't really care if she was turned on at all.


    The wind and rain picked up a few minutes into the walk. A thick downpour and frequent lightning and thunder lasted for about fifteen minutes. I had pulled up my hood and zipped up my jacket, so only my legs were very wet, and they were soaked. My doggy, too, was very soaked. She shivered noticeably as she wagged her tail and panted, leading the way down the trail. The rain let up and the lightning decreased, but it was still a good heavy rain when we made it to the park. The lights were on, as I expected. The park itself was surrounded by a fence and trees, the parking lot being on the far side from where we got there, and on the other side of the fence. It was a public place, so might have security cameras, but I don't know where they'd be if so. There were several picnic tables around a play-center in the middle of the park.


    When we made it to the end of the trail as it entered the park, on one of the corners near a grill, I stopped. My doggy stopped as the chain got taut. She turned 90 degrees and looked back to me. Here eyes, though I could barely see them, were red. Her panting was slow, and she was no longer shaking her tail. I put my hand out to let her know to stay, instead of to lead as the leash gave room to. She watched me as I approached, panting a little harder and swinging her tail once. Her shivering was obvious as I got within reach. I didn't pause or hesitate. It was obvious she wasn't ready for it. She didn't even react until she was on the ground. I kicked her in the gut, and hard. She flew to the side and toppled over. Her arms clenched her belly and she looked up to me fearfully. She was not breathing. She couldn't just then. She tried, though. Her legs folded up instinctively, to protect her. I was already over her, though. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then slapped her hard. She took a breath in, right before I slapped her again. Her hands came up to protect her face.


    I pulled her hair straight up, lifting her onto her knees. I leaned down and looked her in the eye, "I told you to keep your arms to the side or behind you! You'll be punished for disobeying! Now, put your hands behind you! Oh, and keep your knees apart, doggy!"


    She fought off her tears, though she may have just been snuffly from being cold and in the rain. She placed her hands behind her and waited for what was to come. Her legs spread apart slowly, her body lowering a bit as they did. I slapped her a few times relatively lightly, to see how she'd react. She grimaced and moaned a bit with each, but her hands stayed behind her and her legs remained parted. I still held her hair. I took a half step back and held her as she was, at arms length. I pulled my right arm out to the side. She cringed away from it, but couldn't seem to get her eyes all the way shut, staring at my hand as her eyelids fluttered. Then I slapped her. Very hard. It was about as hard as I figured I could slap. Her face shot to the side and her body fell back a bit. She looked back to me from the corner of her eyes, not daring to turn her face back to me. It was too late that she saw my hand coming back from the way her head had turned. She tried to jump back as her head flew the other way, but I had her hair securely. I slapped again, then again, and I could see the bright red spots on the sides of her face. She jumped back, futily, each time.


    That's when I noticed her hands were jerking forward a bit with each slap. I delivered one more hard slap and her hands jumped up to just below her tits. I slapped her one more time, again about as hard as I figured I could slap, and her hands immediately shot up to her face. She was sobbing and trying to get her hair from my hand. Her legs were almost closed, and she was trying to fall away from me. "God dammit!", I shouted at her, and pulled her to her feet by the hair. I pulled her behind me, the leash dragging in the grass. She still sobbed, so it was hard for her to see, I imagine. She was stumbling over slight bumps in the ground, but I held her up.


    I got her to the playground in the middle of the park and threw her, by the hair, at a chin up bar that was coming off the side of the monkey bars. She caught the bar on the side before running into it, but fell around it and to the ground, breathing heavily and holding her face with her right hand. Well, not really holding her face so much as pressing her balled hand into it. Anyway, I went and got the bag, then came back. She was still in a pile on the ground, but she was slowly getting to her knees, still holding the right side of her face. I grabbed some rope out of the bag, and then grabbed her pony tail. I looped her pony tail around the knot in the rope, then looped the rope around her hair as it folded back towards her head, then tied it through and tugged. It was secure. I lifted her a bit by the rope, to get her on her knees, then tied the rope to the chin-up bar to keep her that way. She wasn't crying, but she had those deep sobs that come after crying. Her left hand was already behind her back, but her right was slower. It hovered around her face, then she slid it behind herself. I got a pair of hand-cuffs and placed them on her wrists. I wanted her hands to stay behind her, dammit. Then I got two more pieces of rope and tied them each to one of her knees. I pulled one leg to the side to secure it to the side bar, and then the other. She was now in the position I told her to be in, without the option to leave it, as had caused her to get into so much trouble.


    I leaned down and looked at her. She was avoiding looking me in the eyes, but she couldn't avoid it with me in her face, "You didn't keep your hands behind you, puppy. I'm going to have to discipline you, you know. Keep this in mind in the future.... Oh, and do the dishes better next time."


    Without waiting for her to respond in some way, I stood up straight and kicked her in the gut again. She almost doubled over, but her hair stopped her. She pulled her belly in for a few moments, trying to breath. Before her breath came back, I slapped her hard, then brought my hand back from the other way with a strong backhand. Her eyes were clenched shut, but she managed a breath and then half screamed. I got a lighter and some scissors from the bag, and knelt down in front of her. She was crying freely, her mouth opened wide as she tried to watch what I was doing. I grabbed and pulled down on her left inner labia. I positioned the scissors on it that they'd cut down into it about a quarter of an inch. I looked to her and she was wide-eyed, shaking her head slowly. I cut down into her soft girly flesh. She let out another half-scream, and I quickly lit the lighter and held the flame to the flap I made in her labia. She squirmed the whole time, but she simply couldn't squirm far enough. I put the lighter down and picked up the scissors, holding them near where I cut a moment ago. If I cut again a small, quarter inch piece would be cut off. She was still pseudo screaming, so I cut quickly and cauterized the wound again. In my hand, I had a small, triangular piece of her labia.


    She had stopped her half-screams, and was relaxed, breathing regularly. I stood up and could see she had fallen unconscious. She was hanging by her hair. I grabbed the chain on her nipple clamps and pulled her forward. Her eyes opened, and she moved around as though in pain. I held the piece of flesh up to her, and her eyes got wide. I put the piece of flesh in the bag. I then looked to her again. She avoided my eyes, but I yanked the chain and she got the message. I waited for her to calm down before talking, "Have you ever been fucked in the ass?"


    She nodded slowly, and I asked, "By how many guys?"


    She tried to talk, but her voice didn't come to her immediately. She squeaked out, "Three."


    "Did you like it?"


    "A little.", she squeaked.




    "Well... that... it was after... my pussy." She replied with a tad less squeak.


    I snarled at her. I unzipped my fly, and yanked out my annoyingly hard dick. I hadn't planned on getting this horny, yet, but I also didn't expect I was so sadistic. I grabbed the back of her head and stepped forward. She opened her mouth and took my dick in. I had never skull-fucked a girl before. It wasn't as good as I expected it to be. I couldn't get my dick all the way in, and her teeth scraped a bit. After a few thrusts I pressed my dick into her throat and kept it there. She was gagging, but couldn't pull her head away. She yanked her head back and threw up all over my dick and the front of her body. The rain picked up a small amount, though, and the spew was sliding down her, to the ground. I skull-fucked her another few thrusts and then shoved my dick back into her throat again. She took it better that time, but started gagging after a bit, again. She yanked her head back, not far enough, and threw up. I pulled out so that she didn't suffocate on it, and it drooled out of her mouth. I skull-fucked her a little longer, and untied the rope in her hair with one hand. Her hair fell to the side as it came free.


    I walked behind her, as she caught her breath. Her ass was beautiful. There's something I like about small asses, and hers was small. However, it was still shapely and firm. Simply small, not unhealthily skinny. The butt-plug was being hugged firmly in place by her sphincter, still. I grabbed the chain of the hand-cuffs and pulled up, forcing her to lean forward. I kept pulling up until I could get the rope around the chain, and tie it. She was now leaning forward, her arms both twisted behind her and up. Her ass was sticking out and up amazingly. I also had a perfect view of her pussy. I decided I wasn't rough enough with her punishment for not staying in position, so I got my footing and delivered a hard kick to her cunt. She screamed and choked, trying to get into the fetal position, or something like it, but she simply couldn't. I watched her wiggle with the pain for a few seconds, then grabbed the butt-plug and yanked it out. The drool was getting rained off my dick, so I had to fuck her ass now if I was going to. I got on my knees behind her, and reached around to shove the butt-plug into her mouth. I willed for her to keep it there.


    I grabbed my dick and placed the head at her brown eye. It was relaxed and she was gaping a bit, so I shoved it right on in. There was slight resistance, but I got it all the way in on that first shove. She moaned onto the plug when I did. The scene was awe-inspiring to me. The way her arms were stretched up, giving me a great view of her back down to her ass, which had my dick shoved into it. The way her ass was so small compared to most I've seen, making my dick appear a huge invader. Her inability to even attempt to stop me from fucking her ass. It was wonderful. Her ass was tight. The rain made her shiny. Everything was perfect. The previous night, I did not last long. I was too caught up in the fun. Tonight I would take my time. I would fuck her ass until I couldn't avoid orgasm. After all, she wasn't going to stop me, and nobody was around for at least a mile.


    I pulled back, watching my dick slide out of her ass. Not all the way, but to the head. After a pause, I slid slowly back in. Again there was resistance, but I simply shoved past it as she moaned. I adjusted myself a bit to lean into her. I grabbed her hips and ground against her for a moment, then began to slowly slide back out, to the head. I knew what was so good about it all. Her ass was mine. I owned it, in that moment. It was mine to do with as I pleased. I slid back in, knowing that she could not avoid it, knowing I would fuck the ass as I wanted, be it slowly or fast, shallow or deep. Slow and deep was good for now. I slid back in. She moaned as I got past the meager resistance, the resistance that not only failed to stop me, but increased my pleasure.


    I sped up a bit, shoved in harder each time. She moaned a little louder with each thrust. She could not stop me. Nothing could stop me. After a while, she stopped trying to. I kept it deep, mostly grinding against her, with few thrusts. She could not escape, her moans would not save her. They were softer now. I looked at her ass. I stopped moving. She was grinding against me! I cannot explain the joy of that realization. The best way to, I think, is to say that's when I knew I "conquered" her ass. Not only had I taken it, but she had submitted to it, and enjoyed it!


    I pumped hard and deep, her moans getting louder. I was brutal, and she loved me for it. I spanked her as I humped, her wet cheek sounding loudly into the night on each backstroke. Her shiny, red cheeks began to quiver. Her asshole tightened around my cock and she spasmed. It was all I could take, and I shoved into her deeply, grinding as I came. I came for a very long time. I couldn't guess how long, but it was the most pleasing orgasm I had ever had. After I was done, I stayed where I was, deep in her ass. She was still grinding slightly on me. The sensations were calming, and I allowed them to do their thing until I was soft and I plopped out of her ass.


    I reached around and grabbed the plug out of her ass, "I didn't know girls could cum from getting fucked in the ass." I commented as I put the plug back in her ass, watching it take on the appearance of a tail once again.


    Almost a whisper, "Neither did I." She said as she hung still. I put myself away and zipped up. I untied the rope from the hand cuffs, and took the rope down, then untied her knees and put all the rope in the bag. I unlocked the hand-cuffs and put them in my pocket. She was on her hands and knees, looking curiously at her pussy. She was obviously sore from her position, but mostly the wound on her cunt. I took the leash from her collar. I put this all in the bag.


    I approached her with her keys, "Doggies don't talk." I grabbed the chain on her nipple clamps and opened a key-ring until I could slide it onto the chain. It took several tries, and she cringed as I pulled it this way and that in my attempt. I finally got her keyring onto her chain, and I stood up, "Now you have to go back to your car as you are now, as a doggy. Only when you get to your car can you try to take that stuff off. Every time you want me to use and abuse you as I did tonight, you must arrive either at my store or my apartment wearing what you have on right now. You know where my store is. Just wait for me to let you in at the door. I live at 5543 Cedar Grove st, in the complex down the way. When you show up, ring the doorbell and wait for me. You can ring the doorbell once a minute, no more. In either case, I hope I am where you go, since you must wait for me until I let you in."


    I began walking down the trail to my apartment complex. I glanced back and watched her wag her tail as she crawled the other way. I thought quietly of how wonderful that anal sex was on my way home. I considered how I might reproduce it with Mega-Mams.


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