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The Bad Samaritan

Maledom/femsub, bondage, hardcore, humiliation, spanking, watersport   



     "I'm just not sure Alice, are you sure it's safe? I mean for us. I don't want us to get in trouble"


     "Joe, did you get in the account and see an email in there every day? I found her in a chat room just for that"


     "Yeah but still... I'm just not sure. Having you along is not something I would have envisioned before you brought it up either. The whole thing is just weird."


     "You like it when we do with each other, why is this any different?"


     "Please tell me that was a rhetorical question." the tension in Joe's poor face was visible. He was nervous. I was too. This wasn't one of our typical games.


     "Joe, she asked you to do it like a hundred times. Now help the poor girl out and give her what she wants. Besides... we can't just keep doing it to each other forever; the thrill is gone baby." I gently squeezed his thigh.


     "Alice, the thrill will never be gone... you always find us something interesting to do."


     "Awww... I wuv you too. Now pull over, I think you should probably let me off here." I gave Joe a quick kiss and wished him luck. I sat down at the bus stop and

    waited for the okay.


     Only a few minutes passed when my phone started to vibrate. I didn't bother answering, I wasn't supposed to. A quick check of the caller ID told me it was the call I had been waiting on. I clapped my hands and rubbed them together as I jumped up and started walking at a fairly brisk pace. I had a little way to go since I wanted him to get a decent start. The things I will do to get a kick....


     As I rounded the corner I thought I could start to hear them. It was quiet enough, we were in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but fields and a huge industrial

    complex. As I got closer, it became obvious that it was them I had heard. I had to try really hard not to chuckle. I was soooo proud of myself for doing this for...well all of us I guess. Sometimes I really think I missed my calling. I should have grown up to be a criminal master-mind.


     "Oh my God! Thank God HELP ME!!! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


     I turned and took the silent ear-buds out and squinted into the darkness.


     "Please! My phone is in my purse!!! Just make him stop!" She was blubbering and sobbing.


     "What's going on down there?!?" I asked with a very concerned tone.


     "He's RAPING ME!!! Please help me!!!!!"


     "I will be right there!" I said as I made my way toward them.


     "Oh thank GOD!" She sounded relieved that she had found a savior. Poor thing... she had no clue that she was about to be devoured.


     "What in the hell is going on down here?" I pulled a container of pepper spray out of the pocket of my shorts and thrust it forward like it was a weapon as I

    cautiously walked toward the darkened dock area.


     "He's raping me! He's trying to rape me! Pleash hew..." the rest came out as mush. Joe had leaned back casually and was resting his weight on the hand he had placed on her cheek; smashing her face into the asphalt. Her hands and ankles were bound with duct tape and she was on her stomach. Joe was sitting on her back and had cut about halfway down her skirt. The bastard could have just pulled it up. Hope it wasn't her favorite.


     "Oh God, I am so sorry ma'am... my girlfriend has this fantasy she likes to act out sometimes. We didn't think anyone would come along." He sounded so sincere with his big knife in his hand. She was writhing underneath him, squealing like a pig.


     "But she was screaming...." I said with as much uncertainty as I could muster.


     "Oh well that's part of it. We have a safe word that we use if it gets to be too much for her. She just likes it rough and realistic- we've done it before. Sorry if she

    got carried away and drug you into it."


     "I don't know... She sounded like she was really in trouble. I'm not sure..."


     "Oh you want proof? Hold on." He let up off of her face and grabbed the duct tape.


     "I don't know him, he is really raping me and he is hurting me! You can't believe him, please you can't!" Her words were garbled with her sobs, but I got what she

    was saying. I almost felt bad for her, but the little bitch had asked for it.


     I had been thinking about the time Joe had tried to 'rape' me. I still feel bad about that. I was too cooperative for the most part and he hadn't yet attempted it again. I was mulling over it one night when I recalled a chat room I had seen on a website that had been dedicated to rape. Both prospective attackers and victims would live out their fantasies with each other. It ranged from people who just wanted to post to people who actually wanted to hook up for rape. Some people wanted a planned rape and some people preferred something more unplanned on their part. This one was one of those.


     I had set up an email account and profile with a man's name and Joe's basic information. I kept cruising the posts until I found one with a profile that fit what I was

    looking for. She lived in a city close to Joe's and she wanted to be violently raped unexpectedly 'by more than just one man' and her profile mentioned she was bi-sexual.

    Now you and I know what she meant by 'more than just one man', but the Devil is in the details and I do love a loop hole. This one was just begging to be crawled through.


     I set up a rapport with her, communicating as though I were Joe. I told her I had an associate that would join me if she wanted to go through with it. She was very

    enthusiastic about it and gave me her basic schedule. She didn't want to know when or where. She didn't want to know what we looked like. She sent me some pictures of her so we could identify her easily and some showing evidence of the extent of roughness that she was willing to endure.


     Joe was definitely going to be able to get what he wanted here. Once I had decided that she was the one and that she actually wanted to go through with it, I

    called Joe. I told him to get on his computer, I had a surprise for him. I gave him the email address and the password and waited while he pulled it up.


     "Alice, what in the hell is this?" he sounded very hesitant. By that time the box was stuffed.


     "Go ahead, open the one up from the 1st of the month and play the attachment."


     I could hear her voice being played through his speakers. I had heard the same thing over and over again for several months. She would then state that she wanted to be brutally raped unexpectedly. She wanted to be humiliated and she wanted it made clear that under no uncertain circumstances did she want anyone to be prosecuted "For fulfilling my fondest wish." I finished in sync with her recording.


     "Are you shitting me Alice? What in the fuck is this?"


     "I think you just saw what it was. Open up the email from today, yesterday, the day before. They are all the same. She basically reiterates what she stated in the video. I have her email every day, send a video once a month and leave a voice mail on a disposable phone on the 10th and the 20th. If she changes her mind and doesn't want to go through with it, she is to call or text the phone to let us know"


     "What the...?" he started.


     "Look I am not trying to get us thrown in jail just because we give some bitch changes her mind after the fact. Now get in the file I labeled 'Pics'." I butted in and

    waited a moment.


     "Well she's not bad. She's not great but she isn't bad." he said.


     "Do you want to look at her or fuck her up? I mean, it isn't a beauty pageant."


     "Settle down mother hen, I said she isn't bad. Whoa! Oh shit... She LIKES this?" I could tell he had gotten to the roughest shots.


     "Yup so I think we can accomplish what you are looking for."


     "I don't know Alice... I have to think about this."


     "Sure, and when you cum make sure you say my name bitch, because you KNOW you'll be beating off soon if you aren't already."


     "Fuck you, whore." he laughed and hung up.


     About a week later he called me back and told me he had decided that he would do it.


     "Woo-hoo!" I yelled. "Okay, now I have been thinking about what we can do to her, but I want to know what your ideas are."


     "Wha? Wait... What? We? Like us? You? You want to rape a bitch with me?"


     "Why not? Don't you want me to play too? I've put a lot into this. I think it's only fair I should get in on the goods."


     "No, it's just... huh. I never thought about that. I wondered what the deal was with this associate you mentioned."


     "Now Joe, she was very clear, she wanted more than just one man so she can have us both. She likes girls so she can't grouse too much. If she wanted two or

    more men then she should have specified."


     "You are one twisted little bitch. Go ahead, tell me your plan."


     So I told him. And now here we finally were, Joe and I playing a game that she didn't realize she was part of and she was terrified. She was expecting more than

    one rapist. Joe took the piece of duct tape he had ripped off the roll and slapped it over her mouth.


     "See? No safe word. I told you she wanted it. Plus look at this." he said as he ripped her skirt the rest of the way down causing a renewed bout of squealing on

    her part. He grabbed his knife back up and cut through the crotch of her pantyhose and underwear and then up the back, neatly flaying her undergarments from her openings.


     He didn't have to do any more. She was quite visibly wet.


     "See. Wet as hell. I told you lady, I am sorry we bothered you, but that is all that is really going on here. We just bothered you. She is happy as a clam aren't

    you honey?" She just continued to cry but with the tape over her mouth she was just making noise.


     "Well I know if I were really getting raped I wouldn't get wet." I said taking a superior tone. "So you guys are freaks? Is it fun? I mean she seems to be getting into it."


     "Of course it's fun, you should give it a try. I bet she wouldn't mind if you joined us, would you honey?" he said as he smacked her ass hard. Her eyes got big and she started shaking her head 'no' as vigorously as she could given her position.


     "I don't know, I have never really done anything kinky before." At that moment I felt immortal. If God didn't strike me down then, he never would. "Does she like to

    do it with girls too?"


     "It doesn't matter if she is being raped. Come on. It'll be fun. You can work out some aggressions."


     Our little victim was the most quiet I had heard since I walked up. The outcome of this mock debate was important to her. "I don't know, I still think I should call

    someone to help sort this out." I said as I traded the pepper spray for the phone I had been carrying. The girl on the ground sighed with relief and closed her eyes.


     "Oh no you don't," Joe said as he jumped off of her back and grabbed me from behind by my upper arms, causing the phone to drop. He pulled me backward and

    spun me around, pushing me up against a truck trailer that was sitting in one of the bays. "I think you want to do this, you're just afraid." he said as his hand snaked up the

    leg of my shorts. His hand pawed my underwear to the side and his fingers went up my snatch. "See? You're wet too. I think you should help us. You don't want to be a

    bad samaritan do you?"


     I slowly shook my head no. I was thinking that this little sow better be enjoying this; Joe and I were in rare form. I could see her behind him. She rolled on to her

    side, sat up and frantically started working on getting the tape off her ankles so she could at least run. "So she wants you to get rough? Should I get rough too? I mean,

    what am I supposed to do here?" I asked as I nodded my head in her direction to alert him to the fact that she was about to get loose. She had pulled the tape off her ankles and was trying to get herself up.


     She had just gotten into the crouching position when Joe walked up and kicked her in the side, knocking her back down. "Oh I don't know, you can help me hold

    her down. I will let you know if she uses the magic word. It's hard to get too rough with her though."


     Every time she had a small glimmer of hope it had been taken away. I felt like a cat with a mouse. Mess with it, let it go and smack that paw right back down. Joe

    turned the girl on her back, kicked her legs apart and asked me if I could grab her hands. He yanked her into a seated position by her hair and let go as soon as I got behind her to hold her hands up over her head. He started to cut and tear her blouse off and cut the material of her bra between her tits. He shoved the now useless undergarment to either side and dug his fingers deeply into her tits. "Oh yeah," he said, "I think we can fuck these up pretty good." I couldn't believe how deeply into her breasts his fingers went. She was crying so hard a snot bubble kept popping in and out of her nostril like a party favor, causing me to laugh.


     Joe back handed her and told her she needed to quiet down, because she was pissing him off. He was surprising me with his enthusiasm. He seemed to be really enjoying himself.


     Joe told me to help flip her back over. I kept her hands above her head as we got her back on her belly. I put my foot on her back just below her shoulder blades

    while he stood between her legs, wrapped an arm under her waist and pulled her ass up. Plunging his cock into her cunt, he started fucking her hard, scraping her tits back

    and forth on the asphalt. My foot only added to the grating her breasts were receiving. I didn't use so much pressure that she held still, just enough to make sure her tits got a proper scrubbing.


     Joe continued to grind her tits into the pavement as he thrust violently. He had fucked me like that before and I knew she would be feeling it down to the bone for a

    few days to come. Finally, Joe's rutting bore fruit and he filled her cunt with his seed. He started laughing immediately. He WAS having fun.


     "Ha ha ha. Flip her back over, lets see what we got." he said. I took my foot off her back and we turned her back on her ass.


     "Niiiiiice." he said admiring our handiwork. Her tits were a mess of scratches and scrapes. A few pieces of gravel were embedded there. She already looked

    completely defeated. "I'll tell ya what, why don't you get into the trunk of my car and get my jumper cables?" he asked tossing me his keys.


     "Jumper cables? Are you kidding me?" I asked aghast. I knew they had been modified but they still were more than I cared for. He had clamped it on one of my

    cunt lips the night before and I decided instantly it was too much.


     "Sure we do it all the time." he said smoothly. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and could see he had her by the hair again and she was shaking.


     I popped the trunk open and grabbed the cables. I stuck them under my arm and fished around under the spare tire for something I stashed that Joe didn't know

    about. I didn't intend to actually use it but I figured with a slut like this, if the cables didn't do it, this surely would.


     I left the keys in the lock and lowered the trunk lid. I hid my prize behind me and sauntered over to them. Neither one of them had noticed. He was too busy

    talking shit to her about what a stupid cunt she was for putting herself in the position she was in.


     "Here you go!" I said cheerfully as I handed him the cables. I wasn't seeing what I was looking for so I continued "But..."


     "Yes?" he asked not sure what I would be asking. Her eyes were darting between us so fast things had to be a blurr.


     "Well, can I use this? I found it in the trunk too." I asked as I pulled the hammer out from behind my back as Joe's eyes went wide. I thought I was in Vegas. Her

    eyes stopped darting instantly and landed on me and bulged out. Then I noticed I was getting my jackpot. I laughed and pointed to the growing wet spot under her ass.


     "Do me a favor," Joe asked capitalizing on the mess I had inspired, "toss that blanket in that and try to get as much of it up as you can."


     The piss had been rolling toward the bottom of the dock and had been picking up dirt and bits of dried grass. Dropping the hammer, I got the baby blanket he had

    used to cover his duffel bag when he first attacked her and tossed in front of the stream that was rolling downhill. I had to hand it to him, pretending to have broken down with a baby was a brilliant idea. I am sure she had only been too glad to help him.


     Once it seemed like she had finally voided her bladder, I drug the blanket up the wet trail until I got to the base of her ass. I handed him the dirty and piss filled



     "Now see... me and this nice lady are trying to show you a good time and this is how you are going to repay us? By pissing all over? I don't think that is very

    nice." Joe said. "I think it is time someone taught you a lesson." he said as he completely covered her face with the blanket, pressing her head into it with his other hand.

    Her heels started hitting the asphalt as her breath was cut off. Her palms were facing each other when he bound her wrists so although she was hitting at him, it was

    ineffectual. He took the blanket off her face and let her get a breath, but that was all he allowed before he covered her face again.


     I was watching intently. I had seen something similar once but I had not been in a position to observe and enjoy it. Joe let up off her face to let her get one more

    quick breath then he covered her face again. He waited until her movements slowed and finally her eyes rolled up in her head. He slowly leaned her back down. Gently really considering that he had just cut her air off.


     "I'm gonna go get a switch, why don't you wake her up?" Joe suggested. I knew what he wanted me to do, we had talked about it in case she did pass out. I

    pulled my shorts and panties off, a string of wetness stretched from my pussy to my panties almost until they hit the ground leaving a mark that went halfway down my calf. I straddled her head and slapped her face, hard. I saw the tape over her mouth was getting loose. It sucked into her mouth as she tried to regain conscious breathing using

    just her nostrils.


     "Wake up princess!" I said gruffly as I slapped her face. As soon as her eyes fluttered open I let loose with a stream of my own piss. I pushed it so it flowed even

    faster than normal. So much went up her nose before she even got the chance to turn her head to the side that she started gagging and coughing. Her hands flew up again

    in an attempt to defend herself but it wasn't anymore effective on me than it had been on Joe. When I finished pissing I leaned down and in a conspiratorial whisper I said

    "Your boyfriend said you would like that, I hope you did!" Her choking merged into the deepest sobbing yet. Not only was she being raped but her saviour, her sister in

    womanhood had cheerfully joined in and gleefully pissed all over her face.


     I stood up and waited to the side watching her as we waited on Joe. She sat up and the second she did I kicked her in the side like Joe had done, knocking her

    back down. I put my foot on the side of her head, pinning her down.


     "Ah! She came around, too bad." Joe said as he walked up with a nasty looking switch he had cut off of something in the bramble filled ravine that ran next to the

    building. He had a couple of chunks of larger branches he had found in his wandering and I didn't have to ask what he had in mind with them. I grew up with 4 brothers. I

    think it would have been unnatural for me to NOT be fascinated with poking 'things' with 'stuff'. I always have said I would poke anything with a stick. Joe was going to make

    sure I really got my chance. "I see you repaid her for her rudeness." he said nodding toward the wet head still trapped under my sneakered foot. "Now I think I was going to

    do something before she lost control of herself."


     Joe grabbed his jumper cables and directed me to get her and her arms over her head as he came toward us. He flicked a piece of gravel out of her nipple and put

    the clamps from one end of the cables on her nipples. The other set of clamps went on her cunt lips. Her crying became squealing again. He took the duct tape and taped

    the handles from the clamps on her cunt lips to her thighs; running the tape completely around each thigh so they wouldn't come loose. Her pussy was now completely

    spread open. I could see more than just piss had been flowing. She looked much wetter than before I didn't think it was all piss. Despite all of her screaming and crying the

    little bitch had been getting off.


     "Jesus is that her spleen?" Joe said sounding thrilled with himself for spreading her so wide. I have to admit just the memory of seeing his cum running out of her

    cunt like that still makes me wet.


     "Alright cunt, you can either get up on your knees and elbows or I can grind your tits up some more with the cables on." Joe said. We turned her over and helped

    her get into position. "Mmmm. That looks good." he said as he looked at her upturned ass and her wet open cunt. Without any warning at all he raised his switch and

    smacked her rump with it. He had trimmed smaller twigs off of it but he had not been particular about making sure they were smooth. She lurched forward and I saw a few

    spots of blood well up on her ass. "I think what we need is something to help her stay still. Why don't you go and sit on her arms and make her eat your pussy, you like to

    have your pussy eaten don't you?" he asked.


     "Sure!" I said cheerfully. I sat on her arms as instructed. I grabbed her hair and thrust her into my steaming slit, mopping up some of the excess wetness with her

    face. I pulled her head back up, ripped the tape off of her mouth and shoved her head back down.


     "You better make sure you get her off fast because I am not going to stop whipping you until she cums." Joe advised her raising the switch again. She frantically

    started sucking and licking on my clit as Joe started beating her ass and back. I held on for as long as I could, which was not as long as I would have liked but far longer

    than she would have I am sure. Either this slut had gotten lots of practice or her pain and fear had inspired her, she was doing a hell of a job.


     True to his word, as soon as I started to get off Joe stopped beating her with his unpleasant looking branch. "Do me a favor, just keep her right where she is at."

    Joe said as he knelt behind her. He pulled his cock out again. She had some wetness on that had trickled down to her ass when she was on her back but other than that,

    she got no consideration. He placed the head of his cock against her asshole and pushed forward violently causing her to gasp sharply.


     He got the oddest look on his face. It was one I had never seen before. "Are you fucking kidding me you disgusting bitch? I can't believe you just fucking did that! I aught to put you out of your misery for that." he almost shouted as he punched her blood stippled ass hard.


     "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I can't help it! Please just don't hurt me anymore... I am so sorry. Please stop hurting me. I don't even know you." she broke down sobbing into my cunt. I was wondering just what in the hell was going on when Joe gingerly grabbed the base of his cock and drew it out slowly. He stood and I could see his hard cock was heavily streaked with loose drippy shit. Apparently the hammer had been more effective than I first thought. Joe grabbed one of the pieces of wood and shoved it right in her ass, effectively plugging it.


     I crab-walked backward quickly to get away from the mess he had in front of him when he started toward me. He no sooner got into our victim's line of sight than

    her face scrunched up in disgust. "Don't give me that look you filthy fucking pig. You did this, now you are going to undo it." Joe said. She looked at me, perhaps in a vain

    attempt to get help, then discarding that notion she looked at the wadded up baby blanket on the ground. "You nasty sow! You get shit all over me and now you want to get

    it all over my blanket too? I don't fucking think so!"


     She tried to turn her head, so Joe asked me to assist him by straddling her back and grabbing her head. I took hold of the sides of her head and turned it so that

    she was facing forward. Joe moved in closer with a cock I never before would have described as sickening but at that moment it was. She was trying to turn her head away

    but I held it still. She started bargaining, "Please don't, please... I will give you anything just don't make me..."


     "Open up you foul cunt!" Joe ordered. She quit begging and pursed her lips tightly. "I said open it and if you fucking so much as scratch my cock I am gonna let

    this fine lady have some fun with the hammer after all." Then looking at me he added "Every one. If she bites me I want you to knock every damn tooth out of her ignorant

    fucking head."


     She looked like she had no intention of scratching anything. Her mouth was still clamped shut but it didn't matter; Joe just pushed forward until the tip of his cock

    was resting against her lips. When she still didn't open them he continued to press forward causing his cock to slip from the wet shit and slide up. It deflected off her nostril

    and ran up her face until it came to rest at her eyebrow. "Ewwww! That's gross!" I proclaimed wisely.


     "Open the fuck up!" Joe shouted now. The ass pudding that had surely cooled on his dick by that point was not making him feel happy. Joe raised his hand and

    backhanded her again, forcing blood from between her lips. It was effective; her jaw dropped open. Her eyes squinted shut and she thrust her tongue forward hoping to avoid

    another blow. "You have got to be the stupidest cow on the fucking planet." he said. Her eyes flew open wide as he sunk his cock into her face as violently as he had her

    ass and she started gagging immediately. "No, nope, not like that." Joe said as he pulled back and pushed forward. Once he was fully in he held still. She had no choice,

    she had to take his entire length. I had her head in a vice like grip. "Yeah, see that's better, that's nice. Tighter than your sloppy ass too." Joe said as he cut her air off



     My cunt had started to to drip from watching all of this, so I bent my knees slightly and used her back like I had used her face to rid myself of some of the excess

    moisture. Joe pulled out and she took a huge breath. "Now are you gonna play nice?" I could see most of the shit had been worked off by her throat. There was still some

    on there, mostly mixed with her saliva.


     "Yes." she gasped.


     Joe nodded at me signaling that I could let go of her head. By this time I was more than ready to get fucked. I looked around and saw the hammer. Grabbing it, I

    sat down. I put the handle in my snatch and started fucking myself with it while I used my other hand to play with my clit. "Pull your shirt up." Joe said to me. I pulled my

    shirt and bra up under my armpits so that my tits were visible. "Oh yeah, I like this." he said as he watched me trying to get myself off, watching him fuck her face. Every so often he would cut off her air with his dick, strangely adding to my excitement.


     We were feeding off of each other's arousal until we were both ready to explode. I saw Joe make his face and knew he was about to cum. He pushed forward a

    final time and held himself there as he plastered her throat with spunk. Seeing this was all it took to put me over the edge. I came too. I could tell it wouldn't take much so I kept going and seconds later, I came again.


     "You see that?" Joe asked our victim. "I could have choked your ass out again and it would have just gotten her off. You know why that is? It's because you are

    trash. You are lower than trash. I can't believe I even took the time to rape your worthless ass."


     She started sobbing again but I gave her something else to focus on. I presented the handle of the hammer to her and told her "Clean it." She licked the handle;

    tears and snot running down her shit crusted face. Joe stepped in with his roll of duct tape. I backed off immediately interested in what he was going to do next. He taped

    her mouth shut again. Reaching down, he took a battery cable clip off of one nipple and she screamed into the tape. He leisurely walked around to the other side of her and removed the other clip, causing her to scream again. Part of the tape came loose and her scream floated into the night for a moment until I dropped my hammer and slapped my hand over her mouth.


     Joe sighed and grabbed his tape again. He wound the tape around her head several times. I almost couldn't see the bottom half of her face. It was going to suck

    to be her when she tried to get it out of her hair. Joe pulled the cables out from under her but he left the ones that were still taped to her thighs. He took the other large chunk of wood and picked it up.


     "Wait! Can I do it?" I asked excitedly.


     "Why not?" Joe responded tossing me the chunk of wood.


     I walked around to the back and saw the stick in her ass was still in place. It was about half the size of Joe's wrist. The one he tossed me was a bit bigger than

    that. I got down on my knees and looked past the jumper cables to that warm pink opening. "Hope you like splinters bitch!" I said as I rammed the piece of wood in. I could hear her try to shriek through the tape. I grabbed the end of the stick in her ass and started pump both holes with her new rustic dildos.


     Joe watched in fascination for a while. Then he walked over to his duffel bag and pulled out a permanent marker. "Get her down." He said to me. I grabbed her hands, pulling her forward until she was fully extended. He took the cap off the marker and wrote 'I love to suck my shit' down one leg. Down the other leg he wrote 'Filthy whore!'. On one ass cheek he wrote 'Loose' and on the other he wrote 'Nasty' and drew arrows that pointed to her ass crack.


     "Couldn't that leave marks on her where she is bloody? Like tiny tattoos?"


     "Does it matter? Now help me get her over or you'll find out first hand." Joe said menacingly.


     I helped him flip her one last time. He wrote on her torso 'Rape me please!' while I went and grabbed my panties and shorts. I stuffed the cold wet panties in one of the pockets. The crotch of my shorts was wet too but nowhere nearly as bad. Joe capped the marker and started gathering things together. She just lay on the ground and cried bitterly. Probably because she knew we were done with her. Or mostly so anyway.


     Joe looked at her with a gleam in his eye. He grabbed his knife again and cut the tape holding the cable clamps to her thighs. "Okay, ready, on the count of three." he said giving her time to brace herself. "One..." he didn't go any farther, he just yanked both cables off her lips. Her eyes went wide with pain as her whole body jumped and reacted while we laughed at her pain.


     Joe grabbed her hair and started picking at the tape over her mouth until there was a decent sized tear in the layers that covered her mouth.


     I grinned as I picked up her car keys. Joe already had the remains of her clothes in his bag.


     "Are you going to to what I think you are doing because that would be...."


     "Cruel?" I asked archly as I tossed her keys into the thicketed ravine that ran along the side of the building.


     "Genius, actually. Now lets go."


     "Wait, one more thing!" I said as I walked toward her. She had her tongue working on the hole Joe had dug through the tape, trying to make it a better breathing

    port than her snot crusted nostrils. I pulled the email she sent that morning out of my pocket. I wadded it up and neatly negated all of her hard work by stuffing it in her

    pie-hole. The look on her face was precious. Until that moment I don't think the idiot had entertained the idea that we might be her arranged rapists. We got into the car and left her to figure out how to get herself home.


     The next afternoon Joe and I were lounging around his place. Although it was Saturday, the vibe in the house screamed 'Sunday'. I got up and started rummaging

    through the kitchen hoping to find enough scraps to cobble together a late lunch.


     "Hey Alice! Come here a sec!" Joe called out. I trotted into the den and saw he was on the computer. Coming to a stop next to him I put my hands up in front of

    me like paws and started panting. "Very funny! This could be serious. She emailed us."


     " open it up. Let's see what we got. Looks like it has a video attachment." I replied.


     Joe opened the message with the subject line that read 'Your Victim'. There was no text, just the video clip. There she was. Her hair was all chopped off where

    she had given up trying to pull the tape out. She was in a robe and her face was clean and shining.


     "I just wanted to tell you guys thank you. I had no idea it was you until the very end. I don't know how many times I got off but I do know I will be keeping these."

    she said as she held the chunks of wood aloft. "Please, please, please... if you ever want to rape me again, you can feel free. Oh and you might want to get new jumper

    cables. Yours were a little loose... like my ass. Sorry about that by the way but seriously... I just don't want you to get stranded somewhere. Especially if you are on your

    way to attack me again." she finished with a giggle.


     Joe's jaw dropped as he looked at me. I told him I didn't think he needed any kind of modifications for the bitch to like the cables. "Wow... Okay... so what do you think?" Joe asked me.


     "I dunno, what do you think?" I asked back. I felt like it was really his deal after-all.


     "I think I don't want to do it all the time but I wouldn't mind doing it again... it's just that now she knows who we are." his voice got quieter at the end. He knew I

    was upset with myself and didn't want me to feel bad but he also knew that honesty always worked best with me.


     "I understand," I said trying to keep my personal disappointment out of my voice. "So, if you are feeling froggy again you will let me know and we will just find

    another one."


     "Exactly!" he said relieved that I wasn't going to pout. "Actually, if you don't mind, I think this is the best birthday present I have ever received, so if you wanted to

    arrange something next year..."


     "Oh what a brat! Just got done with this one and you are already looking ahead to the next!" I cried. "I think it is about time for your birthday spanking!"


     Joe smiled and grabbed my wrist, pulling me over his lap, "It sure is!"

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