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Star - punishment slavery maledom story

I delivered one more hard slap and her hands jumped up to just below her tits. I slapped her one more time, again about as hard as I figured I could slap, and her hands immediately shot up to her face. She was sobbing and trying to get her hair from my hand. Her legs were almost closed, and she was trying to fall away from me.



The Rod - femsub humiliation story

    "Marie, as an apology to James I’m going to punish you in front of him." She glumly nodded her consent. "I hope this is the beginning of a string of punishments that you will never forget. James, bring me the crop you recommended." James brought over the crop and Michael slapped it into his palm a few time. "Are you sure this is severe enough"? he asked.



Maid - femsub slave story

“Turn around,” Eric demanded. Megan complied without hesitation. With lighting quickness Eric pulled her arms behind her back and tied her wrists to the elbow of her opposite arm. Taking a moment, Eric traced the bottom of her buttocks with his finger, and then gave her ass a hard swat with the command to turn back around.



Bad - maledom bondage spanking story

Joe turned the girl on her back, kicked her legs apart and asked me if I could grab her hands. He yanked her into a seated position by her hair and let go as soon as I got behind her to hold her hands up over her head. He started to cut and tear her blouse off and cut the material of her bra between her tits. He shoved the now useless undergarment to either side and dug his fingers deeply into her tits.



Slavery Room - femsub slavery story

At that moment, I realized Frank was standing right fucking there. I wanted to die of embarrassment. There I was standing in this emporium of perversion, my whole sex life completely exposed to someone who was not my lover.



Bondage Prisoner - femsub story

The prisoner - caucasion, slightly overweight with obvious cellulite on her thighs, and tattoos on both arms - was forced to kneel by the frame. Hooded and cuffed, she offered little resistance, the guard’s grip upon her elbow being more for guidance than control.



Real Life Bondage maledom story

Alison watched her slave girl's buttocks move and sway as she crawled away. Once again Alison commended herself on how effective and pretty her slave's bondage. The sirik chain was an excellent idea, she thought.



Humiliation and punishment of female slave

My hands are tied behind my back with a wide strip of black cloth that will later be used as a blindfold. Finally a soft leather collar goes around my neck. It has two imbedded rings. Two rope leashes each about 6 feet long are clipped to the rings of my collar.



FemSub bondage caning story

She felt the tip of the crop touching and pushing the quivering red flesh of her whipped ass. It moved into the twitching crease, slid down, pushed slightly aside each globe, danced over her sopping pussy lips, puffed and sore, and disappeared.



Spanking slave (maledom - femsub)

Swinging the flogger in his hand, the Dom walked slowly around to the back of the frame and setting his feet solidly on the ground, lashed the flogger across Kat’s bare buttocks. Ellen jumped visibly as the young girl yelped in surprise, but her grin barely wavered as she continued her half-hearted struggles.



FemSub Bondage

    I don't know whether Xue Lan had begun the whipping discipline she so loved to administer before or after raising Maliia's feet from the floor, tieing them off behind the frame. Not that it mattered to me. I wondered if a butt plug had been used, for I noticed the wooden support nestled between Maliia's ass cheeks.



Master - maledom story

"As you wish, Master," Jasmine replied submissively. She was happy to serve him in whatever way he wanted. Though, she would have liked to serve him in a more intimate fashion.



Slavery - maledom femsub story

She felt his hands slide around her and grab hold of her breasts, squeezing them tightly. Despite the discomfort, she was overjoyed that she finally knew what they were for; to provide her Master with something to hold on to. 

She began squirming harder, her frustrated crying causing her chest to shake silently. The vibrator pushed through the port in her suit and slid deeply into her pussy. She shuddered in horror as it began vibrating, hating herself for reflexively clenching down on the metal intruder.



Torture and punishment of femsub

With a well practiced movement, he swung the flogger and landed it with only a fraction of his strength across the backs of her thighs. Its suddenness and her obvious inexperience with pain was more than enough to make her gasp though, and her knees had already started to bend before she caught herself and stood tall once again, a soft pink coming to the back of her legs.



Lighthouse - femsub story

Tina was almost hanging by the leashes attached to rings piercing her tender flesh. A searing pain enveloped her as her tits were pulled upwards and her pussy lips spread more than she thought possible.



Bonds - bondage story

You will experience extreme forms of bondage, sometimes you’ll be suspended or stretched, contorted or compressed. You will attend elegant parties, where your body will be exhibited in ways more obscene than you can possibly imagine...





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