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We were at home, my little one and Me, just relaxing in the living room one afternoon. I looked over and she was so peaceful relaxing on the couch and seemed to be engrossed fully by a show on TV. I started to say something to her and she held her finger to her mouth and shhhhed Me then went back to watching the show. Well that sent the wheels turning in My head thinking what should I do to correct this, not really believing that what had just happened had. So she had become this relaxed maybe a correction was needed.


I waited til the commercial then walked over to the couch and ordered her to stand; the look she gave before lowering her eyes was filled with the question Why, but not a word was said. I looked down at her as her eyes lowered, afraid to meet Mine, and commanded her to strip, and to hurry because her precious show was coming back on. She disrobed quickly but the brat showed through her demeanor as she shifted from foot to foot. I sat down on the couch and told her to lay across My lap.


The show was just starting again on TV as she settled herself across My lap. I placed My hand across both cheeks and just let it rest there not moving it as My other hand wrapped itself in her hair and forced her face to stay pointed at the TV. I could feel her tense up as We sat there watching the show. I would occasionally run My hand from her ass to her knees then back to her ass down one leg then the other, her legs started to open as if on their own.


Just then the commercial break came on and the spanking began as I rained spanks from her ass to her knees. As she was taken by surprise she started to protest but the only words from Me were, “SHHHHH.” She tried to wiggle away but to no avail as My grip in her hair held her face to the couch, as the spanking continued.


As the show started again My hand softly stroked knee to ass, ass to knee; she started to say something and all I did was, “SHHHHH.” As she lay there the aroma of her heated state assaulted My senses. I laid My hand so it cupped her sex and watched the show. Her ass started to rise trying to find My hand but I just cupped My hand over her sex.


Soon another commercial came on and I started the spankings again as she wiggled around and begged for mercy but all she heard was, “SHHHHH.” Lucky for her it only lasted a few minutes then back to the show and My hand cupped her sex but this time with more force as I felt the wetness there. Being held as she was she was locked from both ends on My hands, try as she might she couldn’t force My hands where she desired them and she started to whimper with her need .


Another commercial break came on and I felt her tense up expecting the spanking to continue, but instead My hand started to knead and squeeze her sex, sliding fingers between moist lips but being careful not to hit the spot she craved as she wiggled away trying so desperately to guide My hand to where she needed it the most. As the commercial ended and another started I spanked her ass cheeks 5 good ones to each cheek as she tensed up then went back to kneading her sex. As she begged and said please all she heard was, “SHHHH.” The show started again and as My hand stopped kneading she moaned and her body went limp as if to say I had won.


Did she think she was getting off that easy? A smile came across My face; as the show dragged on I would place My hand on the small of her back then slowly slide it down between her cheeks through her sex making sure to linger on the sweet spot then all the way to her bellybutton then around her waist and back to the small of her back; each time the journey would last a little longer and linger just a bit more on her sex.


Now some may think this cruel, but wait- the best part is My little one isn’t allowed to cum without permission and as all she had heard from Me was SHHH. Imagine the torment she was feeling inside as I felt her body responding to this feeling.


Another commercial came on and she felt My hand stop and move away from her skin. She didn’t tense anymore as she had resigned herself to her punishment but no blows landed, just a thumb placed inside her sex as My hand kneaded between the lips of her sex then just everything stopped and My hand remained motionless. The moan that escaped her lips said it all as her ass worked overtime moving with only one thing in mind- her need. As her movements became erratic the show started up. She screamed, “NO!”


I knew she was close to the point of no return now. I may be cruel but never that cruel- well maybe never. As her pleas of please grew in intensity, all she heard was, “But baby what about your show?”


She screamed, “Fuck the show!”

I ordered her to cum.

The show she put on as she lost herself, the moans sounded almost animal as she bucked and spent herself until she was just a limp shaking sexual female, legs twitching occasionally with the intensity of her orgasm. As I lay her across the couch and got up I kissed her deeply and said, “Now SHHH Me again,” as I looked deep into her eyes and only saw desire there and heard her moan. I knew We had just begun enjoying the shows to come.

female slave stories
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