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Tanya knew what to expect as she laid face upwards on the bed dressed in just a pair of black laced panties and black lacy top stockings; her arms and legs stretched out and secured to the legs of the bed by ropes attached to the restraints on her wrists and ankles. He would blindfold her next, increasing his control over her and heightening her sexual arousal. Then he would leave the room; leave her for a while. Leave her to lie their contemplating what was to come next.


Tanya knew what to expect though; he would come into the room pretending to be a stranger and take her. First he would sit on the edge of the bed and touch her. Touch her intimate places; toy with her nipples; slide her panties to one side and explore her pussy with his eager fingers. She would hear his heavy breathing as he probed her intimately; as he violated her. Then he would undress and climb on the bed and squat over her face and make her suck his cock; make her run her tongue over his shaft and make her lick his scrotum.


All the while she would of course be telling him no. Protesting against his intrusion; telling him to stop taking advantage of her. He wouldn’t take any notice of course. He wanted her. He wanted to pleasure himself with her young, slim, attractive body. He wanted to get his hardness inside her tight, moist vagina. He wanted to fill her with his seed. Relieve himself of the sexual tension that had built up inside him over the last few days.


He would cut away her panties with his penknife; strip her of any vestige of modesty before using his tongue on her. She would cry ‘no’. She would try to hold her emotions in check; try to stave off those waves of sexual pleasure. He shouldn’t be there; he shouldn’t be touching her in this way; he shouldn’t be making her enjoy his assault. But that tongue! Oh that tongue; would work its way inside her; work its way around her labia; tease her clitoris; delve inside her most intimate of places; that tongue of his would succeed in bringing down her defences. It would soon have her calling out a different ‘no’. “No don’t stop!” would be her next call to him.


He would stop of course. He would stop and place a pillow under her buttocks. He would stop to run the tip of his cock between her wet cunt lips. He would stop to press his manhood against her entrance. He would stop to plunge it hard and deep inside her. He would stop to claim his prize and use her for his pleasure. And she would respond by raising her hips to meet his thrusts. She would respond by telling him to fuck her harder. She would respond by urging him on to take her. She would respond by begging him to fill her with his seed. She would respond by screaming out as she climaxed. She would respond by whimpering softly as she lay there enjoying the aftermath of her orgasm. She would respond by telling him ‘thank you’ as he kissed her afterwards taking off the blindfold and releasing her.


Tanya knew everything to be expected. They had done this many times before. It was her favourite fantasy and her husband was only too pleased to oblige and satisfy her. Of course her fantasy was that it would be a stranger. A highly improbable one at that but she remained in hope. She secretly hoped that one day he might allow her to enjoy the fantasy for real. Of course it would mean him giving up sole rights of possession of her body to another man. Mark was not that kind of man though. Mark loved her very much and was possessive. Or was he? Sometimes he would tease her and say, “One day you never know I might invite a stranger in”. She would laugh and goad him by telling him that he hadn’t got the guts to do it. Mark would just smile and say, “Well we shall see”.


And that is exactly what happened the last time they had done it two weeks earlier. ‘And that is exactly what will happen tonight’ she thought to herself as she lay there waiting for him. Waiting in anticipation of the pleasures to come.


The wait was longer this time though she had heard the telephone ring and knew that he must have been delayed. The extra wait though helped increase her anticipation; she was longing for his entrance. Suddenly her arousal dissipated when she thought she heard the front door closing. Then she heard footsteps; someone was coming up the stairs. She strained her ears for the sound of Mark’s usual footstep but they sounded different. They had to be Mark’s though. They couldn’t be anybody else’s!


Her anxiety increased when she heard the bedroom door open and then close. The door was closed quietly. Mark never closed doors quietly! Mark was noisy. Suddenly she felt a presence at the side of her and then heard the sound of someone undressing. Mark never did that!


“Mark,” she called out.


No reply came.


“Mark,” she called out louder.


Still no response.


Suddenly she felt a weight on the bed as someone sat down. “Oh my God you’re not Mark are you!” she said.


Still there was silence as a she felt hand on her midriff. It definitely wasn’t Mark. This man had larger hands; rougher hands; and they were on her body. “Oh my God!” she cried out.


Suddenly she knew that this was real. Mark had actually done it. “Where’s Mark?” she called out.


The man still remained silent. She wanted Mark there. She wanted her husband there. She didn’t want a stranger there. “Please say something,” she pleaded as she pulled on her bonds hoping that somehow they would give.


Still no response came.


“Why won’t you speak?” she asked. Suddenly the horror hit her. He wasn’t speaking because she would recognise his voice.


“Oh my God. You know me don’t you?”


Suddenly he touched her stomach with his finger and began drawing a letter. She recognised the letter ‘Y’ followed by the letters ‘E’ and ‘S’.


“Oh my God! Oh my God! You’re really going to fuck me aren’t you?” she cried out.

Again he wrote the word ‘yes’ across her stomach with his finger.


“Please don’t,” she told him “Please, I don’t want this”.


He wrote on her stomach again. Slowly she spelled out his words ‘You do and I am going to fuck you’.


“Please no,” she pleaded.


He wrote again ‘Yes’.


Suddenly she felt his hands move over her body. He was exploring her; touching a body he had no right to touch. Touching breasts he had business touching; squeezing nipples that weren’t his to squeeze. Then he began running his hand down to her panties to continue his violation.


His fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties, over her shaved mound and to her cunt lips. She heard him sigh as he slipped a finger inside her wetness and pushed it deep inside her. She wondered who he was. She wondered who was exploring her most intimate of places. Was it a neighbour? Was it a friend of Mark’s? Was it one of her work colleagues? Who had Mark got to fulfil her fantasy?


“Please stop!” she called out.


Once again her plea was greeted with only silence. Now the realisation was beginning to set in. The realisation that her fantasy was about to become reality. The realisation that a stranger was going to take her; was going to fuck her; was going to pleasure himself with her body and there was nothing she could do about it. Tanya felt ashamed; she felt embarrassed; a man who knew her and could not see was helping himself to her body and she was powerless to stop him.


Suddenly he pulled away and she felt him sitting across her chest. Putting a hand under her head he raised it and pushed his cock against her lips. If there were any questions about it really being Mark they were immediately dispelled. The cock was circumcised and it was much bigger than her husband’s. She had no choice but to take it. She had no choice but to allow it to fill her mouth, wiping its precum across her lips as it forced its way in.


His hand gripped her hair pulled her against him making her gag a few times. He allowed her to lick and suck him for a few minutes and then he climbed off her and spun around so that his bottom was pressed against her face. She knew what he wanted. She called out ‘no’ and he responded by slapping her thigh. Whoever it was meant business. Tanya reached out with her tongue and pushed it against his anus. He moaned softly as her tongue entered him. Mark would never have made her do this.


As much as she hated it, she found herself powerless to stop her body responding, and when, moments later he pulled her panties aside and began running his tongue over her labia she knew she had lost the battle. Her body was not going to resist him; her body was not going to hold out on him; her body was not going to reject his possession of her. In fact her body was soon going to be begging for his penetration.


And that is exactly what she did. When he climbed off her a few minutes later and began removing the restraints from her ankles she found herself calling out to him. With her legs free he gripped the waistband of her panties and began tugging them down. Tanya raised her bottom and called out ‘Please fuck me’.


She assumed that he was going to fuck her but he knelt between her legs and began to tease her with his tongue again. Moments later she found herself again calling out to him to fuck her. But once again he ignored her. He paid no attention to her pleas as he finger fucked her while he teased her clitty with her tongue. Whoever he was he knew how to pleasure women. By the time he stopped she already screaming in the throes of a climax.


His penetration was forceful and deep and she found herself welcoming his extra length and thickness. She bucked and writhed under him screaming out obscenities. She wished that her arms were free as well so that she could get them around his broad shoulders, just like she had her legs wrapped around his waist, holding on as he pounded her bottom into the duvet.


He didn’t take long to cum. But she wasn’t disappointed. She had already cum by the time he finished using her body and dumping his seed deep inside her. He kissed her as he lay beside her recovering for a few minutes and then got off the bed.


“Are you going to tell me your name now?” she asked him.


She felt his finger on her stomach again. ‘No’ he wrote.


“Please tell me,” she asked him. “You’ve just fucked me, after all”


He wrote on her skin again ‘No’.


“How well do you know me?” she asked.


He ignored her as he dressed.


Tanya repeated her question.


Suddenly she felt his finger again and she began to repeat the letters he drew. ‘Better than I did before’.


She called out again but he was already leaving. “Bastard,” she uttered.


Ten minutes later Mark returned and untied her. A flurry of questions exuded from her lips but Mark would say very little. “It’s better that we keep it this way,” he told her.

“But there’s a man out there who has just fucked me and I don’t even know who he is!” she told him.


Mark kissed her. “I know. It makes the fantasy even more exciting doesn’t it?”


Tanya sighed. “Will you do it again?” she asked him as she put her arm around.


“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t,” he told her.


“Mark!” she shouted.


Mark laughed. “Maybe next time I might invite two men around!”


“You wouldn’t!” she exclaimed.


Mark kissed her. “Won’t need the ropes then will we,” he told her. “They could take it in turns in holding you down while the other fucked you.”


She wrapped her arms around him. “What’s come over you Mark?”


Mark smiled. “Nothing, I just like to see my wife’s fantasies come true, that’s all!”


Tanya kissed him. “You think two men will be enough?” she asked him, “I can put up a good fight!”


“Hmmmm,” Mark responded. “We’ll see. We’ll see,” he added.


She giggled and kissed him again. “You’re getting me going again with your teasing,” she told him.


Mark gave her a playful slap on the bottom. “I don’t tease Tanya. I’ve just proved that haven’t I?”


She reached down to his belt and began to unbuckle him. “Yes and I must thank you,” she said as she sank to her knees.

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