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A woman meets the man who is to be her master for the first time.





We had been talking for a while when he decided we should meet in person. After some persuading from him, I finally agreed to it. We had talked about many different subjects over the months since we had met online. I felt that I knew him well enough, that I wasn’t really nervous of the meeting. The plan was to meet him at the airport and go to the new hotel they had just built that year. He said that he would stay for a couple of days to see how things went when we met. I agreed to all of this. He said he’d be here in three weeks.


We talked every day, even just a few minutes here and there. I found out that he used to be a Master in real life but said he still did it online. I had been curious on this subject for some time, but had never really talked or told anyone this before. We spent a couple of hours just talking of this subject one night. I asked him what seemed like a hundred different questions on the subject, and he patiently answered every one of them. I went to bed that night with those thoughts on my mind, wondering what it would be like to be a slave for him. By this time, I really liked him, felt that we had become good friends. I thought, how hard could it be to be his slave, him my Master?


By the next day, I had just a few more questions for him, which he again answered patiently. By the end of the conversation, he seemed to know what I wanted more than I did at the time. He asked if I wanted to be his slave and after a few minutes I finally told him yes. He told me that I had to say it to him, and that I had to call him Master when I did so. After a few more minutes, I told him the words that he wanted to hear. He told me that I was now his slave and he was my Master. After that, we didn’t talk much more about it. Occasionally something would come out, but he would usually have to go do something away from the computer and that would end that part of the conversation. He usually had me thinking of things by the time I got off the computer by the end of the night and I couldn’t wait to meet him in person.


Finally the three weeks were up and I was to pick him up at the airport for 3 pm. I got there by 2:30 and went in to wait for him. As I was waiting for him to get there, I started getting a little nervous. I sat there, knowing that I was thinking way to much, just making things worse for myself. Then they announced that his flight was coming in and that it would be a few moments before the passengers would be coming in. I got up and started pacing, trying to calm myself down. The passengers started coming off the plane and I watched every one of them. None were him though. I started thinking that maybe he didn’t come, when I saw someone else coming from the doorway. It was him, I knew from his pictures, I felt him.


We stood where we were, just looking at each other. Then he walked toward me. I couldn’t move; I just stood there, wondering what he was thinking. He reached me in a few steps, then stood looking down at me. I think he was trying to read me, I guess he liked what he read because he reached up, putting his hand in my hair and pulled me to him as he leaned down for a kiss. By the time he was done, I was more excited than I was nervous. He kept his hand in my hair and lifted his head enough to look me in the eyes.


Then he spoke, "Who am I?"


I looked at him for a second, wondering what he wanted to hear. He gripped my hair a little tighter and then I knew. "Master," I said.


He nodded at me "Very good!" He let go, and put his arm around my shoulders. "OK where to from here?" he asked as we started walking.


"To your hotel, I guess," I said.


We left the airport and drove the 10 minutes to his hotel. I had never been there but have heard that it’s a really nice place to stay. He checked in, and then we went up to his room. He walked in first, looked around and then threw his bag on the floor by the bed. I came in and turned to shut the door. He took advantage of that, his long legs bringing him up behind me before I could turn around. I felt his hand on the back of my neck, his thumb rubbing along my cheek. He pushed me up against the wall. He came closer; I felt his breath on my ear, then his tongue.


"Are you ready for your first lesson?" he whispered in my ear.


"Yes." I said.


"Yes, what?"


"Yes, Master." My heart was racing by now.


"Very good, let’s begin."


He pulled me to the center of the room. "Get on your knees." I looked at him and did as he told me to do. "Good. Now unzip my jeans and pull my cock out." I took a deep breath and could feel myself getting wet. I undid his pants and pulled it out. My mouth started to water, I couldn’t wait. He knew what I was thinking. "Do you want it?" he asked.


"Yes, Master."


"Good, since you got that right, you can suck on it now."


"Thank you, Master." I took it into my mouth, just the head at first, sliding my tongue all around it. Taking it in a little at a time. He tasted so good. I managed to take him all in, going down the back of my throat. So much bigger than I was used to having. He took both his hands and held my head while he started to fuck my mouth. I gripped the back of his thighs, holding on so I wouldn’t fall. He slowed down, a little at a time then I felt him stiffen up and knew he was cumming. I could feel it sliding down the back of my throat, I swallowed all of it, then licked him clean.


He pulled me up and then kissed me. It was deep and intense. He took my hand and placed it down on his cock and told me to get him hard again. It didn’t take long for him to get hard again, which I was thankful for. He told me to strip, then he pushed me on the bed and turned me to my stomach, pulling me up by the hips so that I was on my knees. He entered in one swift trust, then stopped. He seemed to fill me. I groaned, knowing that I would have cum on the next thrust, I was so worked up. He waited. Being that he was taller than I am, he wrapped himself around me. His right hand went down and played with my pussy. His left hand grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. He told me not to cum yet, that I had to wait for him first.


He wasn’t making it easy on me either. I was breathing heavy, trying not to cum. I asked him to stop doing what he was doing and he wouldn’t. He told me to control myself; I took deep breaths, trying not to think of what he was doing to me. It wasn’t working; I told him to stop, that I couldn’t control myself. He felt me tighten around his cock and then he stopped, and waited until I relaxed just a little. Then he started moving, going slow, still wrapped around me. Touching me all over. I groaned from the sheer pleasure of it. He got up off of me and started moving faster. It was getting intense; I was going over the edge again. I didn’t want to disappoint him. I told him I was getting close and he gripped my hips tighter and told me not to yet.


Suddenly I felt him tense up, banging me harder. I couldn’t take it anymore and told him to fuck me faster. I started to growl in the back of my throat, clenching my teeth. I was trying to stay quiet. He told me to scream, that he wanted to hear it. He went even faster and I couldn’t help but scream. Then he smacked me on the ass, hard. That pushed me over the edge, I started cumming and then he was right behind me. He pushed himself into me a few more times then he pulled out.


Then he lay down on the bed beside me, took my face in his hand and looked me straight in the eye. "Now you need to clean me up, Slave," he said.


"Yes, Master." I started to get up off the bed.


He asked me where I was going and told him I was going to get something to clean him up with. He said no, that I already had what I needed to do it. I asked him what I was supposed to use and he told me to lick him clean and then after we’d have a shower. I looked at him for a moment. Then he told me if I didn’t do it, he’d have to punish me. I paused for a second more and not knowing what kind of punishment he meant, or wanting to find out, I went over and did as he had commanded. Tasting us together was just as intoxicating as everything else was that day.

female slave stories
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