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Master and femsub story

"Get on your knees." I looked at him and did as he told me to do. "Good. Now unzip my jeans and pull my cock out." I took a deep breath and could feel myself getting wet.



Gift for Master - female slave story

He gently rubs my ass, then suddenly “whack.” I cry out more out of surprise than actual pain. I dutifully count off the 25 swats. He releases me from my bonds and tells me to suck His hard cock. I get on my knees and gently take Him in my mouth and start sucking as hard as I can, teasing Him with my tongue and playing with His balls. I take Him out of my mouth and start licking and sucking each of His balls, enjoying His moans of pleasure.



Slave Wife

i am a wife, a slave, and a soulmate to my Master...



Wife SM Slave - female slave story

"I am here because that wimp of a husband of yours cannot handle you," he told her. "I am going to show you how a real Master dispenses pain and humiliation!"



Slave's Night

When you come back into the room, you remove my ball gag and blind-fold. Using a second restraint, you tie the leg bar to the bed head, leaving my hole exposed and me unable to move. You smother your hands in lubricant and look at me, grinning nastily.



Spanking and Discipline of female slave

Soon another commercial came on and I started the spankings again as she wiggled around and begged for mercy but all she heard was, “SHHHHH.”



Slave Domination

He allowed her to lick and suck him for a few minutes and then he climbed off her and spun around so that his bottom was pressed against her face. She knew what he wanted. She called out ‘no’ and he responded by slapping her thigh. Whoever it was meant business. Tanya reached out with her tongue and pushed it against his anus.



Submissive Slave

I asked what she wanted to drink and she said, “Your spunk, Master.”



Reward for Slave

"Relax My pet. Your punishment is one you will enjoy tonight." As I said this, I let a drop of wax fall in between her breasts from just high enough not to burn, yet still low enough to sting a little. I set a finger in the wax as she winced and drew a line up to one nipple, and roughly grabbed her tit to remove the excess from My finger tip.



Masters and Female Slave story

The spectacle of me coated in cum must have been exciting to the two men ravaging my pussy for they both shoved themselves into me as far and they could go and started to fill my cunt with cum as well. Even though I knew I should wait, I could barely keep myself from beginning my orgasm as well. Both men were still trying to pump further into me as they came, making sure that every drop of their juice stayed in me as they emptied what I was starting to fear were endless loads.





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female slave stories
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